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Janitorial Proposal Outline


Company is a leading provider of carpet and tile cleaning for Commercial buildings in City. Our goal is to provide a clean and healthy environment for our customers through state of the art cleaning technology and a commitment to customer service.

Safety is a priority for our customers and employees, while in your facility or home we follow a detailed health /safety program, This insures quality service, happy employees and competitive prices.

We provide daily, weekly janitorial service and specialty cleaning programs for:

∙ Carpet steam cleaning

∙ Tile & grout clean/seal

∙VCT floor waxing

∙ Restroom steam cleaning

Phone number

Thank You,




Customer name


Monthly Janitorial Cost $7,549.00
Annual $ 90,588.00
NOTE: These services will be performed Monday through Friday.
Day Porter service Monday –Friday 8am-1pm



Carpet Care Services: $2,500.00 per visit
Steam cleaning of entire carpet

General carpet cleaning of common areas $ 1,200.00 per visit
Floor Care Services: $800.00 per visit
Strip and wax

Power scrub/steam clean
Restroom floors $250.00 quarterly

Power scrub and high speed polish
VCT waxed floors quarterly included
Steam cleaning of chairs $10.00 per chair


Service and Frequency
Empty all trash cans and dispose of in dumpster 5 times a week
Empty and change trash liner 5 times a week
Dust and wipe all conference tables and executive offices 5 times a week
High dusting Once a week
Low dusting baseboards Once a week
Vacuum all carpeted areas 5 times a week
Clean drinking machines 5 times a week
Sweep tile floor 5 times a week
Damp mop tile floor 5 times a week
Spot clean carpet 5 times a week
Dust top file cabinets Once a week
Clean glass areas (not exterior windows) Once a week
Vacuum all traffic area carpet 5 times a week
Vacuum workstations (spot vacuum nightly} 1 time week
Dust mop entry areas 5 times a week
Damp mop entry areas 5 times a week
Clean glass in entrance doors 5 times a week
Empty trash 5 times a week
High/Low Dusting 1 time a week
Sweep floor 5 times a week
Damp mop floor 5 times a week
Clean and disinfect toilet and urinals 5 times a week
Clean and disinfect sink and counter 5 times a week
Polish mirrors 5 times a week
Replenish all soap and paper 5 times a week
Empty trash 5 times a week
Clean all partitions and spot clean walls 5 times a week
Customer will furnish building and restroom supplies unless otherwise noted. The supplies shall include, but are limited to the following products:

Paper Towels, toilet paper, hand soap, seat covers, sanitary napkins, sanitary napkin receptacle liners and trash can liners.



The Safety Rules listed in this program apply to everyone employed by the company.

On Location

– Wet floor signs
– Caution tape
– Care with moving furniture
– Furniture blocks and tabs when returning furniture
– Door guards and plastic tabs to cover hoses from contacting furniture
– Walk off mats used as staging area to place unused equipment or chemicals
– MSDS Sheets

Employee Rules

Proper footwear and clothing shall be worn at all times.

All employees will wear, as required; the personal protective equipment assigned to them and maintains it in a sanitary condition.

Do not operate any machine with which you are unfamiliar without first obtaining the proper instruction.

Equipment must never be repaired until after the machine is turned off and unplugged.
Never leave equipment running when it is not in use.
Never operate electrical equipment around wet areas.
Never jerk cords out of outlets.
Do not leave objects or spills on the floor which might cause others to trip and fall.
Do not block fire exits or traffic lanes.
Always observe proper lifting procedures. Get help when lifting heavy objects.
Never dump dirty mop water or other liquids outdoors.
Always stay in assigned areas. Failure to do so is a violation of safety and security.
Wash hands as often as possible.
Never mix chemicals or remove labels from chemical bottles.

Policy and Procedures

All applicants have criminal background checks, drug tests and are graded on customer service skills, job knowledge, motivation and personality. Only the highest rated individuals are considered for employment.
All new associates are trained with verbal, written technical manuals and video instruction on personnel policies including our health/ safety program prior to being placed in a new account. At the time of being placed a trainer works hand in hand with the new associate until they understand what is expected.

All associates are trained on the health/safety program once per month. We cover a different topic at our monthly Toolbox Meetings.
The company provides every cleaner uniform work shirts and identification badge that is required to be worn at all times.

The cleaning staff would like to clean & sanitize your Desk on this Friday
Please remove any personal items and paperwork if you would like your work area cleaned

KEEP this flyer and place on your desk on any Friday you would like your work area cleaned
Thank You



Supervisor: Building: Floor:
 Clock in on time  High Dust
 Access Codes/ Keys  Fixtures Clean
 Dispensers
 Clean Mirror
EQUIPMENT  Clean Trash Receptacles
 Vacuum- belts/bag  Baseboards
 Supplies full  Clean Toilets / Urinals Inside & Out
 All Bottles / Containers Labeled – Be sure to spray under urinal.
 Clean closet  Walls Ceramic
 Partitions
 Common area 1#
 Common area 2#  Floor
 Chairs placed under desk – Remove Debris Off Floor First
 Trash cans return – Turbo tool
 Hallway 1# – Edges
 Hallway 2#
 Mats, Carpet
 Glass
 Corners
 Cubicles 1#  Floor
 Cubicles 2#
 Private Office OVERALL
 Private Office  Condition Carpet/Floor 1 2 3 4 5
 Private Office  Floor finish
 Vacuum Carpeted Areas  Spot Carpet Cleaning
 Baseboards  Furniture
– Be Sure To Get Corners & Edges  Safety
 Explain  Door Glass

 Vacuum/Sweep  Uniforms
 Floor Care  ID
– Ceramic  Wet Floor Signs
– VCT  Walk Off Mats
– Other  Electrical Cords
 Tables
 Chairs replaced
 Trash cans

Trained By: Building: Floor:
 Keys/Alarm  Counters / Sinks
 How To reach supervisor  Chrome Fixtures

 Check / Fill Soap Dispenser
 Clean Mirror
 Clean, Organized  Fill Paper Dispensers
 Supplies, Equipment  Clean Toilets / Urinals Inside & Out
 All Bottles / Containers Labeled
 Polish Stainless Steel Fixtures

 Wipe Stalls
 Empty office?
 Empty trash  Sweep / Mop Floor
 Desk policy – Sweep Debris Off Floor First
 Dust cabinets
 Pick Up Things on Desks and Dust
 Empty Waste Baskets
– Change Liners As Needed ENTRANCE / FOYER
– Always Replace Liners That Had Food or Liquids in Them  Mats, Carpet
 Glass
 Corners
 Only Throw Things Away That Are Marked  Floor
 Low Dusting
 High Dusting LOBBY
 Detail 1 section night  Dusting
 Carpet Spotting  Sweeping / Vacuuming
 Vacuum All Carpeted Areas, Including Under Desks & Chairs  Spot Cleaning
 Sweep / Mop Hard Floors  Fixtures / Furniture
– Be Sure To Get Corners & Edges
 Vacuums – Backpack & Upright

 Wipe Counter Tops  Location of housekeeping
 Clean / Polish Stainless Steel Sinks  Return recycling
– First disinfect
 Rinse mops
Rinse mop
_ –  Dump Mop Bucket Nightly
– Polish Chrome Fixtures w/ Glass Cleaner  Place Nothing in Sink
 Fill Soap / Paper Products  Where To Take Garbage
 Empty trash
 Vacuum Under Chairs / Tables

Equipment Capabilities

Truck-mounted hot water/extraction systems.
Capable of carpet steam cleaning with 500 psi and vacuum power of 400 cfm

Kaivac deep restroom cleaning system

Tile/Grout steam cleaning with 1200psi and water in the 220 degree range.

Vacuums- depending on layout of area can follow a team cleaning approach using back-pack vacuums or using standard upright vacuums.

Tile/Grout Restoration- experience re-coloring grout in situations where grout is worn and cannot be fully restored with cleaning alone.

VCT- 7-9 floor buffers and high speed polishing equipment to strip/wax floors and high speed polish finish to a high shine.

Commercial carpet cleaning system- cimex commercial carpet scrubber for standard commercial grade carpet.

Green Cleaning- Green certified only detergents for daily cleaning. Detergents are used only through an automatic dispensing system ensuring proper measurement.

Paper Products/Restroom supplies-.

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