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Sample Carpet Cleaner Referral Marketing Campaign

Sample Carpet Cleaning Referral Marketing Campaign

Description: Generate more referrals from current customers

Objective: A. generate more sales from customer referrals
B. stay in contact with current customers
C. plant the seed for future referrals

Campaign: Offer all current customers $20 gift card to refer new business

Geography: All service areas

Time: 12 months

Why: to generate more sales $$

How: through direct mail postcards and email

Size: current database of 1000 active customers

Specs A.– Email
2 simple emails sent out, text only.

Specs: B- 2 postcard designs
Design #1- $25 visa gift card
Design #2- no $$ offer

4000 6×9 postcards sent 4x throughout the year
Alternate $ offer and no offer

Campaign Cost:

Total fixed Cost- $2400.00
Variable cost- $20 per referral

ROI Objective: 10% of customers
100 referrals x job average of $150 = $15,000

Fixed cost- $2400
Variable- $1000 ( assuming half took advantage of $20 and half didn’t)
Revenue- $15000
ROI- 4.4

May 1st – postcard $25 offer
July 1st- postcard no offer
Sept 1st- email
November 1st- postcard $20
January 1st no offer
March 1st- email

Value Proposition: A. Get $20 cash back

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