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Construction- Great Resource For Commercial Tile Leads

Great Resource For Commercial Tile Leads !

Construction companies, actually can follow the whole pipeline. Retailers, Installers, Construction right to Client.

For construction mainly VCT scrub and seal (finish) and grout sealing. IF you have the market for it stone and counter tops. These are some of the most profitable and easiest jobs for Floors only, not the whole clean up.

Just being the specialist….

Its a really simple and cheap marketing plan. Get a list of all the construction businesses in your area, stop by or call 2-4x year and ask to be put on their bid list. Leave behind a b-card and sell sheet.

Read the newspaper, they list construction projects all the time, stop by a project and ask to speak with superintendent or project manager. Even if they have someone they are always looking for a back up.

The best part of this scheme is getting the clean up and then you have an in with the client (and a contact name). So now you can sell a maintenance plan at some point.

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