Looking To Sell More Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs? Slow Down!

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Looking To Sell More Commercial Carpet Cleaning Jobs? Slow Down!

The best way i have found to think of it is like your wife. You didn’t just walk up to her cold and say “wanna have a couple kids and get married…” It took many, many, many small details until you made it to that big moment, big YES.

Another analogy people have used for decades is the balance sheet, you keep adding credits to the positive column and avoiding any negatives { like showing up in cut off sweatpants and taking a dump in their house first thing}.

You don’t have to be in your face all the time in sales. IMO its more effective to show a prospect you are a professional, quality service, etc then ever actually say it. Let them come to the conclusion themselves.

My personal style has always been to ask questions relative to the job. What are the questions you need to know to complete this job?

Some examples might be…
Everyone will have different ones based on area, demographics, equipment.

1. Where area are you located
2. What type/style of carpet do you have
3. Do you have pets
4. Do you have any specific time/day you need
5. When was the last time you had it cleaned, if yes was it protected?
6. Is this a first floor or multi-level
7. If you need apo then ask about water source.
8. Do you need furniture moved
9. Many others you can come up with BUT not too many…

Have to be casual though, we don’t want to come off as interrogators. Along the way look for opportunities for like interests, maybe they have a dog breed you are familiar with or live in an area your friends live in.

Relax, take a deep breathe… That opportunity will come at some point in the conversation, just wait for it.
Every prospect has different HOT buttons, its your job to find it. Sometimes its as simple as they need a weird time like 7:45am on tuesday or something, thats why you ask!

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