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Commercial Carpet Cleaning- Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads Versus Un-Qualified Leads, Whats The Difference?

Feel free to ADD anything you feel qualifies/unqualifies a commercial lead

If you learn anything in this business, learn to qualify leads. What this means practically is Should I invest time/resources in this lead? Yes/No

This is a personal decision that you have to make a list of, we cant decide this for you.


1. In my service area

2. Requesting a service I am an expert in

3. Looking for service in time frames/days I can do

4. NOT a professional buyer ( professional buyers call 10 cleaners looking for some desperate broke fool) Forget about lifetime value with this crew…

5. Add …


1. Not in my service area

2. Requesting a service I am NOT an expert in

3. Has unrealistic expectations, like cheap 10 year old carpet and pets but wants it to look new….

4. Has hired 5 cleaners in last 5 years (like employees excessive turnover is bad news)

5.Add …

Even if you cant close the deal right then, (people have legitimate reasons if qualified). Send over an email rough estimate or outline of pricing and showcase the value you provide. Then create a follow up system, sometimes people take estimates and simply forget because something more important came up.


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