Creating A Marketing Campaign For Restaurants

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Creating A Marketing Campaign For Restaurants

Below is a sample marketing campaign for commercial carpet & tile cleaning contractors that wanted to sell more restaurants. What I did is put all the leads on a map to build a door to door sales route. Came out to be around 500 prospects to reach door to door 4x year. The whole point of marketing is to create a routine where you are reaching the same people 3-4 times a year directly and then some follow up couple times a year through direct mail/email.

You can start with a description of all restaurants in geographic area in this case Pittsburgh. The objective is brief 15 minute estimate, collect information and qualify prospect. Put each in a category of open we don’t know, qualified have contact info and some interest or unqualified not a good fit for us.

In this case we set a geographic target by zip code and decided to target every independent restaurant that fits in the radius.

Description: All restaurants in the town of Pittsburgh PA

Objective: A. Brief 15-20 minute estimate

B.Collect information and qualify interest level

C. Put in category (open,qualified, unqualified) and create follow up campaign

Prospect: All restaurants, cafe, food service

Geography: Pittsburgh PA Zip Code 15222

Size: any size

Industry: restaurants, independent only. No chains

Contact Person: General manager, assistant manager, kitchen manager

Services offered: Carpet cleaning, upholstery, Tile and grout, restroom steam.

Packages: 4x 6x 12x year Min every 4 months

Value Proposition: Sanitize/Steam Clean restrooms, steam clean tile, name drop restaurant referrals,

Total Businesses: 494

Frequency: Door to Door canvassing 4x year -Mail postcard 2x – Email campaign 4x when available

Door To Door – 1976 total visits

2 Shift of 4 hours Tuesday and Friday morning

Average 20 visits per shift or 4o contacts week

Costs: Door to Door 8 hours week X $15 hour

400 hours x $15 hour = $6000

Postcards- 494 x .70 cents each = $345

Email- set up time 2 hours at $15 hour= $30

Total campaign cost= $6,375

ROI Goal– 1:10 over a year

$63k revenue

Average $1200 year per customer

53 programs

At 75% closing rate need around 70 estimates

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