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Using A CRM To Segment Customers For Marketing

Use your CRM to segment customers, prospects and leads.

One of the main reasons to use a CRM or sales and marketing software is to segment your customers, prospects and leads into specific groups or tags. One reason is so you can easily find them later and two when you do find a specific group now you can create specific messages, information and promotions tailored to them.

Here are some example of groups for a residential carpet cleaner

  1. Residential customers
  2. Residential prospects ( people you have given bids to but not closed)
  3. Professional referral sources (realtors, retailers, etc)
  4. Apartments & landlords

See each of these groups you would want to approach differently with different messages, promotions and services. The next layer is tagging or flagging customers into sub groups, again this makes finding them later much easier.

Examples of tagging your database

  1. Big Tickets
  2. Biggest referrals
  3. Tile cleaning so then you can cross sell carpet cleaning
  4. Luxury homes (a million dollar house has completely different materials from a $150k)
  5. Tile cleaning to send how to upkeep tips after service
  6. Pet services

This takes you a little more into the details but can be a very effective way to market to customers. If a homeowner is spending $1k per service I might want to put a little more effort into support if my average job is $150. In general pet owners have an ongoing need for a carpet & tile cleaning service and should be repeating more frequently.

What is the point?
To put our marketing dollars in the best place to make a return, the highest probability of success. Instead of spending $1 per customer every year why not spend .50 cents and then $1.50 on your best customers?

Social Media and reviews
If you use public review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Thumbtack tagging is especially helpful. If a homeowner already has a Facebook account sending them the link to a Facebook review is going to score many more reviews versus having them set up a new account somewhere.

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