Marketing A Tile Cleaning Business Using Video

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Marketing A Tile Cleaning Business Using Video

This blog is about using video email to market a tile cleaning business to your current customer base. One of the challenges with tile and grout cleaning in some markets is the average homeowner has no concept of what that means. Niche cleaning services are a great opportunity to use video and show prospects the process.

This is a video email template that is embedded in the email. We have found that a video email embedded in the email will have far greater click thru’s then just placing a link. Prospects have become skeptical of clicking on any links or downloading anything. This is a great opportunity because they can see the youtube video right on the email screen which is a brand most people can trust.

In my opinion this is mainly to be used with prospects and leads you are familiar with, who trust you and have a previous email experience with. Overall this is the kind of stuff email providers send to the spam folder so a deep relationship is needed first.

The challenge with some niche cleaning services like tile and grout cleaning, color sealing, grout staining, etc. Most homeowners can’t visualize what that actually means because they never had the service done before. Services like carpet cleaning are commonplace and every supermarket has carpet cleaners for rent. This service is much more embedded in general culture than a niche service like grout cleaning. The average homeowner can envision a cleaner pushing the wand back and forth on carpet but not really for tile.

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