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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Ideas

On this blog we look at commercial cleaning marketing ideas using postcards. In this specific marketing campaign we targeted medical prospects, specifically doctors and dentists. In commercial cleaning and janitorial the medical field can be a great pool of prospects to target some of your campaigns at and postcards are just one marketing idea to think about in your mix.

The medical field can be great for a couple reasons, one they need to have a clean and sanitized building. In other industries like manufacturing, cleaning can be a luxury and often one of the first expenses to be cut. Doctors must have a sanitized environment, partly to avoid spreading infections and two for their own marketing reasons. Nobody wants to sit in a dirty waiting room or have your teeth cleaned after seeing a dead bug on the floor or an inch of dust on the window sill.


Advertising Commercial Cleaning Business With Postcards

In advertising commercial cleaning I mainly like direct mail and specifically postcards for follow up purposes. I have never seen it as a great marketing idea for generating cold leads but more as a reminder to prospects you already have met, spoken with or know. Lets face it, some people don’t use email and never answer the phone extension, so sending a postcard can be the only way to get your name in front of a prospect and remind them.

We always like to tie direct mail in with telemarketing and appointment setting campaigns. When mapping out an annual campaign I might decide to go with 4 phone calls per year and then 4 postcards as follow up or 3 phone calls year and 2 postcards. Another place to use direct mail is after submitting an estimate and it drags on, on and on for months which happens sometimes in commercial cleaning. This is an inexpensive way to jiggle their memory, often cleaning can be put on the side until something bad happens or a VIP visit.


Sample Commercial Cleaning Postcard

In this sample postcard we focused on doctor/dentist office and the hot button of the waiting room. On the back would be a great place to put testimonial of any other medical accounts you have.


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