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Janitorial Marketing Strategies- Telemarketing. This is part 3 of our series on building a marketing plan for commercial cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning services and tile & grout cleaning. We used janitorial as an example in this marketing plan but the strategy is similar for specialty services. Telemarketing or phone appointment setting is the most effective activity for commercial services, now I know the second we hear telemarketing every cleaner rolls their eyes thinking of all the phone calls we receive from “google” specialists and the various lead generation services.  Instead of calling it telemarketing or cold calling think of it as cold networking, or introducing your service to the community.

-Target in the previous blog we talked about target marketing and creating a leads list of local businesses to call on >>>>  Janitorial Marketing Plan.  Its critical for success to create a routine where we are calling on the same list of businesses 3-4 times a year and then adding some follow up in the form of sales letters, brochures and email templates. Two things, first we are creating a BRAND by calling on the same businesses several times a year. It can take 5-7 times for people to remember our company name, remember prospects don’t know who we are and are skeptical of contractors to begin with, this makes us seem legit. Think of how many IBM ads you have seen in your life or stories in the press (another topic for another day) before you knew who they were. Also we are gathering intelligence about our prospects and sometimes moving into other categories in our CRM. What this does is make every rotation more and more productive. An example would be finding out they have an in-house operation, well it makes no sense to keep calling them every 3 months seeing they are not going to change their minds in the shot term but may on an annual basis.

– Budgeting here we want to map out how much money, manpower and time are required to create a telemarketing program. For a small company 10 hours week would be a good start, wages are a local issue and can vary from $10 hour to $15 plus incentive. A good incentive might be $20 bonus for every appointment set on top of the hourly wage. Based on $12 hour we would add payroll taxes of 25 % plus 1 appointment week = $730 month. Wage + Payroll tax + Bonus (4 appointments x $20).

-Phone scripts are very important in sales, words matter along with tone and overall attitude. Now my personal belief is scripts are more of a starting point, an outline but a marketer still has to think on their feet a little bit and answer some curve ball questions. I have always approached commercial cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning as an introduction, we are not selling anything but only want to stop by and introduce our self. We have one sample script here >>>>>> Cold Calling Script . Usually wouldn’t even ask for an estimate but only identify myself, what our company does (or how we can help them) and ask if I can stop by and introduce myself. That’s it!

-Sales aids are exactly that, just an aid and should not be the star of the show but more of a supporting role. Some examples off line are sales letters, brochures (print and web only), postcards, sell sheets and business cards. Online can be email templates, videos, landing pages and websites. The long term goal is to create a library of content covering all the different themes and hot buttons all at the ready for when the opportunity arises. An example would be a prospect asks if you clean other doctor offices and you pull out a testimonial sell sheet from some current clients. Another might be a video showing how your service works if its something obscure they have never seen before like restroom tile steam cleaning. The goal is to provide evidence to back up your claims, trust but verify!

                                                                                 Carpet cleaning content marketing

– Follow up routines, this is where the importance of using our commercial CRM comes into play. As we speak with people and learn what their situation is we want to create a follow up routine to stay in touch long term. For janitorial, commercial carpet cleaning and restroom cleaning often prospects are not ready to buy today right now will have a need later. Often in janitorial the larger ones will have a contract in place anyway and will open bids on a specific date, once we know to call back on December 1st then create a reminder to follow up on that date. In the meantime we can send some content marketing pieces to plant the seed and keep our brand in front of them.

-Analytics lastly is keeping track of what is working and what is flopping. In modern marketing we don’t want to approach this with a mindset we know everything but more learning what hot buttons work for what prospects. Some of this will be through numbers but some will also be by listening to people and building up instincts. Over time you will begin to see patterns in certain customer segments and just know off the top of your head what is important to that group, segment.


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