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Where Do I Find Links For My Commercial Cleaning Website?

This is a quick blog on where to get links for your commercial cleaning website. Mainly what are some of the categories and main websites to get started generating traffic and letting the search engines (google) know you exist. One thing I want to point out is I am not an SEO expert or claim to be, this is more of  a general overview or practical view for a commercial cleaning service, carpet cleaning service, etc.

We keep hearing we need to get links for our website to crawl up the google rankings, so the first question is always but where? Here are some of the basics. Signing up for 50 directories is fine and basic local seo today but what we really want to do is then choose 5 and add information that people actually click on and stay. Better off having 1 good video then 10 crappy ones or 1 good article then 5 nobody reads.

Search Engines- this is the starting point especially google my business and setting up your account to get on maps. Overall they want you to be active, post once in a while (1-2x month), upload pictures and videos.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

Social Media- The key with social media is not just signing up but gaining likes from LOCAL people and businesses. For us, likes from other commercial cleaning or carpet cleaning contractors 1000 miles away really don’t have any value. They know we are a local cleaning service and we need local likes and action. The link part is sharing information sending people back to a page on your website.

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

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Directory Distributors- most of the listing websites don’t actually have staff to track all this information and they just buy the information from a distributor. This is pretty important to get listed here because then the information is populated to 100’s of other misc sites. Note, this can take 3-6 months so be patient and take your time filling out the information. They make it difficult so you hire them to do it.

  • Infogroup
  • Neustar
  • Factual
  • Axiom

Link Sources- The key here is you must provide content and then a link back to your website. Content depends on the platform, youtube is video obviously, blogger can be anything but mainly text/pictures and slideshare is a document you can upload. This is endless so I am only listing a couple of well known sites that are very popular and credible.

  • Blogger
  • Youtube
  • Slideshare

Review Sites- This has become a pretty controversial topic among carpet cleaners especially. Some of these websites can be difficult to work with and have started charging for premium services but the free listing is very valuable and for seo purposes we really don’t have a choice. This is a basic now regardless if you sign up for premium services.

  • Angies List
  • Yelp
  • Thumbtack

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Top 50 Local Directories- these are misc business directories on the internet that are the most popular. This has become a basic function nowadays, the more you fill out the more “legit” you look to google and the other search engines. Here is a list I just googled  >>>>>>>   https://www.qdtricks.net/online-business-directory/

  • Foursquare
  • Cityview
  • Merchant circle

Press Releases- this was big 5 years ago and very effective but now its changed. The initial goalis to get a link from a credible press release website but the real goal is to write a personal story and get picked up by local media. The key here is the story has to be interesting and well written. The link from a national source is ok but the real power would be if a local paper/blog picked it up and published it.

  • PR.com
  • PRLOG.com
  • PRWEB.com

This is a huge subject and I just wanted to provide a basic guide of the different categories. This is important >>>  the goal is spend your time on sources that people will actually click on and read.

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