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Carpet Cleaning Marketing, how to sell more tile and grout services

This is a quick blog on carpet cleaning marketing, how to sell more tile & grout steam cleaning services. In most parts of the country tile is a niche service for carpet cleaners and this blog is on some ideas to sell more residential tile jobs. The great thing about grout is the margins are similar or even better but the tickets can be much, much bigger. The downside is homeowners don’t generally buy as often as carpet and most don’t even know the service exists. We have to be much more aggressive in marketing and advertising this service and letting current customers know what we can do.

Brochure and Sell Sheet

I like sell sheets better than a tri-fold brochure because its just a lot faster and easier to read top to bottom instead of flipping over all the folds. The first step would be to create a brochure outlining what services you do provide and educating people the service even exists. Some of the options are steam cleaning, sealing, minor repair, sealing new installs, color sealing grout, staining and showers. If we are already providing carpet service this only makes sense to hand a homeowner the flyer to look over while we start cleaning. Of course providing a demo if they have interest would be even more effective for them to see what it will look like and us to see how long it may take

tile and grout cleaning flyer

Postcards Direct Mail

We can approach postcards one of two ways. One would be to create a postcard to use as reminders to current customers, in this marketing campaign we would decide on a rotation and mail out 4x or 2x year on a routine. In this postcard sample we focused on the struggle most people have maintaining grout in a kitchen floor, scrubbing grout by hand can be very laborious and who wants to spend a weekend doing that anyway

Number two would be a cold direct mail campaign using usps EDDM direct mail. With this service we can choose specific routes to hit and put on a routine. What I like to do is think of the type of neighborhoods that have a lot of tile: newer builds, luxury homes are great targets but this is something you have to learn about in your specific market. For any cold direct mail campaign to work you are going to mail 6-8x at least to get some traction and have time to optimize the right message and images.

sample tile and grout cleaning postcard

Connecting with Maid Services

Maid services are an obvious referral source for tile and grout cleaning. Most are cleaning these floors or showers everyday anyway and probably have floors they are struggling with. This is where we can come in and partner up with them and create a two way referral relationship. You could either provide a straight commission percentage on any jobs or offer them a sqr ft rate they can mark up and sell directly to the client. Like every marketing campaign the key is creating a routine and reaching out to maid services 4x year at least. Just like us on any given day when contacting someone we can just be unlucky and catch them on a bad day.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become a great channel for this service, one reason is the cost is still low right now and the other is most homeowners are unaware of steam cleaning grout so we can run repeated ads month after month at a low cost to help educate and plant the seed. The best way is to create a landing page and sales funnel. An example would be using a video showing the actual service being done on floor with dramatic results, one thing facebook likes is drama. This also can be accomplished using before/after pictures I think video is more effective so they understand what we are doing. After seeing the video you could create a contact form to claim their facebook offer to schedule a free estimate and demonstration.

carpet cleaning marketing

Email Marketing

Email is so inexpensive this only makes sense to set up an autoresponder or email drip campaign that goes out automatically 4x or 6x year. Even if the conversion rates are 1% because the cost is so low the return on investment is going to be huge. Every carpet cleaning service should be doing this without question. For creatives use a combination of video, pictures, special offers and frequently asked questions blog. This simple rotation would give you a quarterly rotation right there.

Referral Marketing Retailers and Installers

Setting up a referral marketing route that you follow up on 4x-8x year can work out perfectly. After a new install customers often run into problems or call a year later complaining about how ugly the grout looks now. White grout always looks good in theory but can be a bear to maintain with pets and busy family life. This is where you can come in and help the retailer by offering to solve some of these problems and if ambitious enough maybe create a tip sheet they can hand out with every sale. I have found most will be open to this relationship if you just buy some daily cleaning supplies from the store and include with every job referred by them. It’s a win/win for both parties. The store makes a sale and the homeowner receives a gift.

carpet cleaning referral marketing

Websites and SEO

One of the challenges with SEO for tile and grout cleaning its not a popular search term, especially compared to carpet cleaning. The good news is the keywords will not be overly competitive so the cost will be low but you can use the adwords keyword search and see in most areas its not a large amount of traffic. The great part about seo for niche keywords usually last for years and years because nobody is pushing too hard, definitely a soft spot in the market just not a huge game change. Great return on investment though over the long term of 3-5 years. Starting point here would be to build a tile cleaning page, optimize it and then share through social media, youtube, email, etc and they might be enough.

Youtube Videos

This kind of ties into both SEO and social media. The important part is again most homeowners don’t have any context of what tile steam cleaning is, they can’t picture it, so showing a how to video is very effective. Google really likes videos and now is showing a video carousel in most searches, this is a quick and easy way to get ranked for a keyword. Facebook Marketing also loves video and in the app will give far bigger organic reach compared to a text based post. The Dirt Army went crazy and has a video with over 50 million views, while this will not happen for us but even if a video goes mini viral with 2-5k views locally that can be a great investment.

carpet cleaning video marketing

In conclusion here are some ideas to think about for adding more tile and grout cleaning jobs. The key as always with marketing is creating a routine you stick with for the long term, this is 100% guaranteed to work provided you do some testing with the creatives. With the average ticket being $400 or more even modest success can lead to a nice bump in revenue and bigger bump in profits by just leveraging your current customer base.

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