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Marketing A Cleaning Service, Using Fencing

This is a quick blog on Marketing a Cleaning Service, Using Fencing. Basically fencing is creating a geographic fence around a set of leads or prospects and marketing specifically to that segment. This blog is focused on commercial buildings and would apply to commercial cleaning, janitorial service, carpet cleaning and any specialty cleaning service focused on businesses.

Cleaning Services using routes can especially benefit from this marketing strategy. Commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial targeting small 1 or 2 day a week accounts. Why would I do this? What are the benefits? You can see in the screen shot or video all the local businesses concentrated in a tight geographic area.

This does two things from an operations point, with all the accounts close by we will see a nice gas and van maintenance savings versus driving 5 to 10 miles between jobs. The second and just as important is supervision, with employees close by we can create better and more consistent supervision rotations to keep things running smoothly.

The marketing strategy is a diverse client base, now you could add another layer and create a fence around just restaurants if you wanted too but that defeats the point. With a mix of clients some jobs will be during the day and others evening maximizing profits throughout the day. Also like a teeter tooter if one industry has a slow down we can pick up accounts in another industry and avoid a complete meltdown we can’t control.

marketing a cleaning service

Value Proposition

This is a great opportunity to use the local Chamber of Commerce or local association as your value proposition. By joining a chamber we get a leads list of members to add in the fence, if big enough we could JUST do that. By being a fellow member the lead generation process becomes a whole lot easier. One by attending the networking events to meet local business owners but also for cold calling. Whether going door to door or telemarketing the introduction is the hardest part, starting off with “I am a fellow chamber member and…” will relax people when you meet them for the first time.

Door To Door Sales Route

With the leads being so close together this is a great opportunity for door to door sales. This is where using the Chamber of Commerce as a value proposition can really pay off. Most businesses will put a sticker on the front window and you can start the introduction that you are a member and wanted to stop by to introduce yourself. A great cold lead in!

The next step with door to door is setting up a routine where we can visit businesses 3-4 x year. No marketing strategy can be successful with one and done, we have to connect with leads on a regular routine. Using the map in the video we can see if we visit 20 per day, we can then label the routes #1, route #2, etc. Once we have the routine down if the salesperson quits it will be easy for the new hire to just pick up where the last one left off.


Some cleaning services just don’t like door sales and for good reason, weather, distance and skill set can all play a part in what strategy to use. The next best option would be using the phone to set appointments. Just like canvassing we want to find the warmest way to introduce ourselves to a perfect stranger. Nowadays we are all inundated with phone calls from website salespeople so using the Chamber of Commerce as an icebreaker will be especially important because they can’t see us.

Can always use both also, door knocking as the lead in and phone for follow up or bad weather days so the machine never stops.

Commercial Cleaning Sales Pitch

Brochures and Sell Sheet

After introducing ourselves the next step is offering some kind of marketing material. Unlimited ways to approach this but seeing we are visiting diverse businesses with different needs a multi-service brochure would be great. In our sample brochure we used  specialty cleaning services including carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and restroom sanitation. A janitorial service could tweak this just a little.

commercial cleaning brochure churches

Landing Pages

Now we need some air support for the ground game, a little brand awareness to make our salespeople and marketers job easier and bring in a couple easy leads. Some of our options are adwords, facebook and SEO of websites. With landing pages we can create a specific page just for this fence and include a picture of you or salesperson as an introduction. Don’t forget to use the value proposition with a Chamber logo front and center on the page. A certain percentage of visitors are going to be members and schedule an estimate just because of that.

As you grow the account base its important that we start to share that information to leads. For example in the headline of the landing page “Last year 25 Chamber members signed up for our carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Landing Page For Property Managers

Carpet Cleaning Landing Page For Property Managers

Client Testimonial

This is where a client testimonial would be very effective, every area has famous restaurants, landmarks and businesses that have been around for generations. Create a testimonial flyer for one of them. Being in a small geographic area this will hold a lot more power than say a business 15 miles away they may have never heard of. Think about it…  workers are using each others services on  a daily basis and probably even know the regulars by name.

In conclusion using fence based marketing for a cleaning service can have a lot of benefits. As with learning anything new over time we test and find even more effective ways to get our message across.

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