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Landing pages for Adwords, website, facebook and linkedin

Connect all your internet marketing campaigns with our CRM and create routines to close more estimates

Now you can create custom landing pages, run adword campaigns and have the prospects information automatically drop into your contacts database. Set up specific categories they fall into and then specific routines and content.

How does this work?

You run a nichee adword campaign for commercial carpet cleaning or VCT floor waxing. Prospects land on the page and request an estimate. That information drops into your category and sets off a follow up process. For example, pictures of past jobs are sent, links to articles on your website, links to reviews you have from jobs.

commercial carpet cleaning landing page

New Content Every Month!

An initial library of 40 landing page templates are included. With our simple landing page editor you can create one yourself in minutes. You have the option of using ours, customizing ours, hire your own designer or hiring us. The templates are meant to create a starting point to build off and tweak to your specific needs.

Contact forms can be estimate requests, FREE giveaways and special offers. Whatever else you can dream up and test.

Setting up Autoresponders

With each landing page create a specific a set of automatic actions or autoresponders/email drip campaigns.

This can be E-newsletters, links to reviews, links to social media sites, before/after pictures, etc. Depending how you set the form up print postcards and print newsletters or phone follow up can be added.

An example of a routine might be

Day 1 send pictures

Day 5 send articles

week 2 mail postcard

Week 3 send links to reviews