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Sample Commercial Carpet & Tile Cleaning Proposal

Quick video on creating a commercial carpet & tile cleaning proposal or estimate. Use Cover letters, tables, descriptions and case studies to sell your message.

This is a quick video on putting together a commercial carpet, tile cleaning or janitorial proposal/estimate. First I want to show a website where you can buy full color proposal and estimate templates. This is a great place to find super professional, inexpensive templates.

This is an example of one you can make in word yourself, this specific example is more for carpet & tile cleaning or special projects. Up at the top place your logo, estimate number date and a quick introduction. List the contact name and company information and your information of course. Under the intro is a simple table you can create in word, feel free to customize this for your own needs. For smaller contracts we usually just make a simple on page proposal and have a sign and date section at the bottom to serve as your service agreement. This of course will only work for smaller accounts. List the services being proposed with a brief description and pricing. Even if only a 1x price was requested we always give 2-3 options with different frequencies, an example can be 2x year- 4x year and monthy service.

Next provide a project description, maybe what industry they are in, carpet fiber id or flooring type. An inspection report or condition report listing any damage we seen or general overview. After describing the condition of the area provide a detailed solution to the problem, maybe even add some helpful tips. Last section list the different services and give your professional opinion on why.

Case studies or client testimonials, use your own pictures. This could be before & after pictures of current jobs r picture of a current client. Its best to find a match up in a similar industry or geographical area even. So for example for a bid for manufacturing plant you find other manufacturing plants and restaurants other restaurants. Can also name drop any well known companies locally or current chamber of commerce member. Anything you can find to make a connection for the prospect is great for a case study.

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