Sample Janitorial Proposal | Commercial Cleaning Estimate

Janitorial Service Proposal Template

Welcome to our sample 12 page janitorial proposal and commercial cleaning estimate. This comprehensive template covers the top 12 topics to include in a cleaning proposal. Every prospect is motivate by different topics and often more than one decision maker is involved in the bidding process.

We might meet an office manager during the walk thru, estimate but the President, CFO or owner of the business is also involved in the process but we never meet them. This is why we want to cover all the main topics a manager, executive or business owner are interested in. We will never meet every decision maker but still want an opportunity to influence their decision.



List Of 12 Pages To Include In Commercial Cleaning Proposal

  1. Cover Page and contact info
  2. Cover letter and introduction
  3. Price Page
  4. Service included and frequency
  5. Safety
  6. Employee Rules
  7. Hiring & Training
  8. Desk and Disinfecting
  9. Inspections
  10. Training Checklist
  11. Equipment Capabilities
  12. References & Testimonials

1. Cover Page

Here we add our company logo, an image, our slogan and all contact information.


sample janitorial proposal cover page


2. Introduction Letter – Cleaning Proposal

The second page is a cover letter where you can write about your business. Some things to include is how many accounts you have. The next paragraph is a value proposition, this example is for safety which would be great for manufacturing, distribution maybe even medical janitorial accounts. If you can add anything that came up during the walk thru or previous conversations.

The key here is try to make it as personal, specific as possible.


Introduction letter cleaning proposal


3. Price Page- Proposal

Third page is create a price page listing the cost for janitorial services on a monthly and annual basis. List the day porter hours and nightly days/hours if possible.

Below is the specialty cleaning section including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, floor stripping and waxing or restroom steam cleaning. Make sure to list what is included on what rotation and what is an extra charge.


Sample price page commercial cleaning estimate


4. List of Cleaning Task and Frequency of Services

Building cleaning frequency and tasks is the fourth page, I think a table is better but this is just an example. List all the main areas to be cleaned in the office and on what frequency the tasks will be completed. Private offices, common areas, lobby, restrooms and break rooms are the basics.

Don’t forget who provides the restroom supplies the cleaning contractor or building owner.


Cleaning proposal task list and frequency


5. Safety Rules and Safety Program

Safety is a priority in certain industries, not all but some. Add the commercial cleaning safety rules and janitorial safety program for your technicians and cleaners. What is the rotation for safety meetings, what are the rules, how often do employees sign off.


Janitorial Safety rules proposal


6. Employee Rules

This section is dedicated to employee rules that will be followed in a clients building. Some subjects might be :

– Proper footwear and clothing shall be worn at all times.

-All employees will wear, as required; the personal protective equipment assigned to them and maintains it in a sanitary condition.


Sample employee rules commercial cleaning estimate


7. Hiring, Training and ID Policy

Seventh page of the janitorial  proposal will be the hiring process, how you recruit, train and supervise the commercial cleaning staff. Outline your uniform policy and if ID badges are required.


Hiring Policy Cleaning Proposal


8. Desk Disinfecting Service

An important part of commercial cleaning is creating a process or system to clean individual desks. One good idea is create a flyer or rack card to leave on employees desks and ask them to remove all personal items if they want their work space to be cleaned or sanitized, disinfected.


Desk disinfecting flyer janitorial proposal


9. Inspection and Supervision

How often will you be inspecting a building? This is a sample weekly commercial cleaning inspection but obviously in larger buildings a daily inspection will be required. Outline what is going to be inspected and on what is the supervision process or rotation.


Sample inspection checklist office cleaning service


10. Training Checklist

Page 10 we cover our training checklist for cleaners, how you train staff, what tasks and for how long until they work independently.


Janitorial Training Checklist


11. Equipment Capabilities

Page eleven, Equipment capabilities and cleaning solutions being used at commercial buildings. Write in the proposal any specialty cleaning equipment that needs to be added to the job, especially any large investments or specific problems you will solve. What cleaning solutions you will be using especially if the client requires green cleaning detergents or you specialize in it. This is a good time to let them know about any unique capabilities you have.


Sample Commercial Cleaning Proposal


12. Client References and Testimonials

Page twelve, Don’t forget a client testimonial from a current commercial cleaning account, case studies or client testimonials are very, very effective. Any time you can make a connection with a similar industry, geographic area or association can make a big impact.


Sample Janitorial Testimonial and client references