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Our Marketing Strategy

What is Account Based Marketing? ABM is a shift from just getting commercial cleaning leads randomly to targeting prospects at specific businesses and specific industries or what we like to call our KEY ACCOUNTS. (note depending on your goals and size)

What are some examples of Key Accounts? Medical buildings from 5000 to 10,000 square feet. Professional offices from 20 K to 50K square feet, all businesses within a 5 mile radius regardless of size.

What businesses can use account based marketing? Commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, restroom sanitation, tile and grout cleaning.

Key account marketing has become a crucial issue for many companies. Driven by some form of 80/20 rule – 80% of current or potential revenues come from 20% of customers – many firms have come to realize that these customers must be treated somewhat differently from the average customer. Of course, it is one thing to recognize that these accounts should be treated differently, it is quite another to figure out exactly what to do


Return on Investment Equation

For most companies, improving long-term return on investment (ROI).

As a cleaning service provider the Key Account  can help their customers achieve a better ROI by analyzing the ROI Equation.

  • ROI = Profit / Investment
  • ROI = (Sales Revenues – Costs of Goods Sold COGS) / Investment
  • ROI = ({Number of Sales x Prices} – Costs) / Investment

This gives broad options for improving  ROI. 

Applied to Key Accounts the Pareto theory hits home – if we apply 20% of our  effort to just 20% of our customers (our Key Accounts) we will receive 80% of the  rewards.

However, we are not just talking of our 20% Key Account Customers in terms of their size, but in terms of their profitability and sustainability.

Therefore, a Key Account is also an investment in the future, and as we know all too well from recent stock market performance, past performance is no indicator of future performance.

This is where the biggest difference lies between selling and key account management.

A salesperson needs to live in the past, present, and future. They base their sales on the past requirements of their customers and present discussions with potential and new customers on their present and future needs. The majority of sales people are reactive to the needs of their customer, only being proactive when they need to cold call potential new customers

The Pareto Principle

 80% of any effort or expenditure gives 20% of the results

20% of any effort or expenditure gives 80% of the results

  •  Are they just the big ones?
  • Are they the ones you can’t lose?
  • Are they the ones that offer future profit?
  • Are they the ones you want your team to focus on – to look after the very best?
  • Are they the ones where extra effort will bring extra returns?
  • Are they the ones that demand more of you?
  • Are they the ones that will take your business where you want it to go?

A ‘key account’ might be the result of any one or more of the above, or agreed within your organization as a result of completely different factors.

It is for your business to choose its own definition based upon the dynamics of your industry, your customers and your own business.

Service Options

These Are Our Current Service Options

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How Can We Help?

Our Mission is to help cleaning services by introducing account based marketing techniques to the thought process and grow their business to whatever level they want. 

I First Started This Blog 10 Years Ago

I have been active in social media for commercial cleaning ,janitorial and carpet services for over 20 years now. Since they started, really. 

Initially in the old online forum world would try and write out to explain different topics. 

The first piece of content we created was the bidding calculators. It grew frustrating trying to explain how to bid on cleaning contracts with written formulas.

We thought it would be much easier in the digital world to have a free online bidding caluclator

Business Plan and Employee Training Manuals

Next we created a full 30 page commercial cleaning business plan and employee handbook. These are basic business building tools that most cleaning services don’t have access to or maybe not even realize their important until they are too late.


    HERE Is What Is Important

Cleaning services are always looking for some super duper secret pathway to success. 
Thats not how it works in real life. Our country has 20 thousand towns, 100 thousand cleaning businesses and dozens of services. 

There is no 1 pathway to success.

We each have different financial goals, have different amounts of capital and live in vastly different markets.  Our goal is to present a lot of questions and conceptual tools to help cleaners find their own path.

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