Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator |

Marketing Campaign ROI Calculator

This calculator is for figuring out marketing and advertising ROI (return on investment) including gross profit. This calculator can be used for any commercial cleaning service including janitorial, commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaningVCT floor stripping and waxing or any other specialty.

The point is when we run advertising campaigns all these different services have different revenue, average tickets, profit margins and ad cost. Our goal is to find out which services are the most profitable and at what ad cost. In todays digital world of adwords, facebook, linkedin SEO, etc we have the ability to target ads for specific services and specific geographic areas. So which are the most profitable?

What we are trying to do here is find opportunities our competitors haven’t thought of, look for soft spots in the marketplace. EVERY market in every service has opportunities, its our job to come up with some theories and then go out and test them.

  • Enter Total Revenue From Marketing Campaign

  • Enter Gross Profit Margin %

  • Enter total cost of marketing campaign

  • See ROI (return on investment) calculation for that specific campaign
  • Total revenue generated from a campaign
  • Total Gross Profit % = minus job costs Not fixed costs like rent, phone, etc.
  • Total Revenue minus job costs
  • Cost of the advertising campaign