Commercial Cleaning Break Even Calculator |

Commercial Cleaning Break Even Calculator

This calculator is for figuring break even analysis or our break even point. This calculator can be used for any commercial cleaning service including janitorial, commercial carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaningVCT floor stripping and waxing or any other specialty.

There is a correlation with fixed costs and Cost of Goods Sold (job costs). We can make a great profit on individual accounts/jobs but if we don’t generate enough sales volume then it will not equal a good net profit margin.

The purpose of this break even calculator is for cleaning services to run scenarios and see where their sweet spot is.

  • Enter Fixed Costs
  • Enter COGS or account/job costs
  • Enter average monthly revenue per account/job
  • See ROI (return on investment) calculation for that specific campaign
  • Enter total number of accounts/jobs for the month
  • Enter your fixed costs, rent, phone, insurance, etc. things you pay every month regardless of # jobs
  • Enter the average direct cost of a job= labor, materials, equipment, etc.
  • Average revenue generated per job or account on a monthly basis
  • Enter total number of monthly accounts or jobs