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Is Growing Your Cleaning Service Becoming a Heavy Lift?

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Empower Your Cleaning Business with Strategic Digital Marketing

Just as this image illustrates the heavy lifting sometimes needed in business, optimizing your cleaning service digital marketing requires strategic maneuvering and a keen understanding of various tactics. Inspired by Daniel Kahneman’s insights in “Thinking, Fast and Slow,” we blend rapid engagement tactics with thoughtful, goal-focused strategies to achieve outstanding results.

At, we specialize in helping cleaning service providers navigate the complexities of digital marketing. Whether you’re aiming for immediate engagement or long-term conversions, our team is here to guide you through every step.

Welcome to Method Clean Biz, where we deliver exceptional digital marketing solutions tailored for cleaning businesses. Our services include:

We cater to all types of cleaning businesses, including commercial cleaning, janitorial services, specialty cleaning, house cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Our expertise ensures that your marketing strategies are customized to drive success and transform your business.

Navigating the competitive landscape of the cleaning industry in the United States can be challenging. Our dedicated team conducts in-depth market research and employs a personalized approach to identify opportunities that set your brand apart. We aim to maximize your return on investment with effective marketing strategies.

With over 25 years of success in the cleaning industry and digital marketing expertise, Method Clean Biz is your trusted partner. Join our community, where our free resources have been downloaded over 22,000 times annually, and let us help your business thrive in the digital age.

Digital Marketing Plan with icons representing Goals, Resources, Audience, Focus, Log, and Training

Our 6-Step Process for Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Our 6-step process for creating a digital marketing plan is designed to be a living document that can be updated and optimized over time.

Step 1

Define your objective or financial goal

The first step in creating a successful marketing plan is to determine how much revenue or profit you want to generate in a year. Whether you’re aiming for $50K, $100K, or even a million, it’s important to start here, as some of the other answers will depend on this.

Step 1

Step 2

Assess available resources and commitment level

In order to create a plan that’s sustainable over the long term, it’s important to be honest about the resources you can commit to it. This includes factors such as how many hours per day/week/month you’re willing to invest in the campaign, how much money you can spend on marketing and advertising each month, and how many business leads you need.

Step 2

Step 3

Define your target audience

The next step is to determine the types of businesses or household demographics you want to target. This can be broken down into two main categories: industry or geographic location. For example, you may want to target churches or medical buildings, or you may want to hit every business in a certain zip code, town, or radius.

Step 3

Step 4

Focus on your services

Which services will you focus on? This section works hand in hand with step 3, as certain services may fit better with certain targets. For example, churches and professional offices are great for carpet cleaning with encapsulation and VCT, while restaurants and hotels may have more hard tile to clean. We will help you fit the right services with the right accounts.

Step 4

Step 5

Develop an activity log

What physical actions can your company and ours take on a daily/weekly/monthly rotation to achieve your goals? Some examples might include cold calling 20 businesses per week, making 20 connections on LinkedIn per week, running a Facebook ad Monday-Friday for a specific budget, posting one article on social media per week, writing one blog per month, shooting two videos per month, and mailing each qualified lead/prospect twice per year.

Step 5

Step 6

Determine training needs

Finally, we will work with you to identify the sales and marketing training you need to accomplish your goals, including immediate, short-term, and long-term training options.

Step 6

Our Tailored Marketing Solutions For Cleaning Services

How We Develop Your Marketing Plan

This may seem complicated at first but we make it simple. Customers and google search for SEO want the same thing.

EEAT which stands for Your: Expertise, Experience, Authority, Trust


Tailored Strategies for Cleaning Service Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, a well-defined strategy is your compass. By understanding your audience and choosing the right approach – be it geographic, account-based, or service-based – we lay the groundwork for a successful website that resonates with your potential clients.

1. Geographic Strategy

Is your cleaning service concentrated in a specific town, county, or zip code? We excel in geographic-focused marketing strategies. By honing in on your local area, we ensure your business is at the forefront when potential clients in your target region are seeking cleaning services. Let’s make your presence felt right where it matters the most.

2. Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Every business has a specific clientele in mind. With account-based marketing (ABM), we tailor your digital strategy based on the homeowner demographics or type of businesses you want to attract. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we craft campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience, ensuring your cleaning services align perfectly with their needs.

3. Service-Based Strategy

Highlighting a specific service can be a game-changer. If you have a flagship service that sets you apart, we can create a targeted strategy to promote it. Whether it’s house cleaning, carpet cleaning, or specialized services, we’ll ensure your primary service takes the spotlight, capturing the attention of both homeowners and businesses alike.




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Great service! Thank you !
I find this Company quite resourceful. It is refreshing that they are willing to share their helpful tools without any commitments. I am convinced they have your business best interests at heart.
excellent information and templates and the feedback from there team is very quick I will recommend to anyone.
Shane and is tam have been easy to work with and did an amazing job on our website. I can't wait to see what they do for our marketing.
What’s the value of this community to you? Recently my company was asked to bid on the largest job we have ever even thought about doing. In total it’s 300,000 sf of carpet cleaning. This job is to be done in approximately 50k sf segments over time. This could potentially be a multiple year opportunity. While I’ve been around a bit and seen some things, this particular job was well outside of my comfort zone. So what did I do? I reached out to my community, specifically Shane Deubell. Shane has been a member as long as I can remember probably long before I ever was. I have watched Shane share his success in the commercial cleaning space year after year. I know he recently sold his company and is transitioning to a secondary career that I am sure he will also crush. Shane took the time to schedule a call with me to help me process this job. He asked me questions that never crossed my mind. He brought insite to the situation he gave me a sense of clarity and confidence to even place this bid. A bid we ultimately won. We received word this morning we are moving forward with scheduling. Much appreciated Shane! So I ask once more. What is the value of this community to you?
Very professional nourished comprehensive business plan template covering every aspect of my business idea challenging questions.. The perfect business plan for any new cleaning business idea. I’ll recommend anyone thinking of starting cleaning business to have this template in order to save time as author had put enough time and efforts on this templates to save you from long headaches.
I am a small business owner in Richmond, Virginia, growing quite rapidly. Understanding how to bid accurately on a commercial property for me is incredibly daunting. These folks came along, walked beside me, encouraged me, helped me and thanked me all in the same day.
Love this website!! Great at starting cleaning businesses!! Please don’t stop
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