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Look no further than our exceptional digital marketing agency, specializing in crafting comprehensive and tailored marketing strategies exclusively designed for cleaning services. Whether you provide commercial cleaning, janitorial, specialty niche cleaning, house cleaning, or carpet cleaning services, we possess the expertise to propel your business forward and help you reach your target audience with remarkable success.

With the vast number of cleaning services across the United States, we understand the challenges in selecting the most effective marketing tactics that yield exceptional returns on investment. That’s precisely where our dedicated team steps in. We conduct thorough market research, align it with your specific goals, and identify lucrative opportunities that will elevate your brand above the competition, ensuring your remarkable distinction in the industry.


Our 6-Step Process for Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

Our 6-step process for creating a digital marketing plan is designed to be a living document that can be updated and optimized over time.

Step 1

Define your objective or financial goal

The first step in creating a successful marketing plan is to determine how much revenue or profit you want to generate in a year. Whether you’re aiming for $50K, $100K, or even a million, it’s important to start here, as some of the other answers will depend on this.

Step 1

Step 2

Assess available resources and commitment level

In order to create a plan that’s sustainable over the long term, it’s important to be honest about the resources you can commit to it. This includes factors such as how many hours per day/week/month you’re willing to invest in the campaign, how much money you can spend on marketing and advertising each month, and how many business leads you need.

Step 2

Step 3

Define your target audience

The next step is to determine the types of businesses or household demographics you want to target. This can be broken down into two main categories: industry or geographic location. For example, you may want to target churches or medical buildings, or you may want to hit every business in a certain zip code, town, or radius.

Step 3

Step 4

Focus on your services

Which services will you focus on? This section works hand in hand with step 3, as certain services may fit better with certain targets. For example, churches and professional offices are great for carpet cleaning with encapsulation and VCT, while restaurants and hotels may have more hard tile to clean. We will help you fit the right services with the right accounts.

Step 4

Step 5

Develop an activity log

What physical actions can your company and ours take on a daily/weekly/monthly rotation to achieve your goals? Some examples might include cold calling 20 businesses per week, making 20 connections on LinkedIn per week, running a Facebook ad Monday-Friday for a specific budget, posting one article on social media per week, writing one blog per month, shooting two videos per month, and mailing each qualified lead/prospect twice per year.

Step 5

Step 6

Determine training needs

Finally, we will work with you to identify the sales and marketing training you need to accomplish your goals, including immediate, short-term, and long-term training options.

Step 6
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We understand that when commercial cleaning and house cleaning service owners embark on researching website design and SEO, it can sometimes feel like diving into an endless maze.

Having been involved in countless discussions on social media throughout the years, I am well aware of how these conversations often spiral into debates over highly technical details that small business owners prefer to avoid. However, it’s essential for business owners to recognize that they don’t need to delve into all those complexities. What truly matters is grasping the fundamental concepts that can make a significant impact on their businesses.

This is why we offer a one stop solution:

  • Website 
  • Ads
  • PR
  • Social Media

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The details will change of course based on your goals, market, value proposition and services but the perfection and attention to detail is guaranteed.

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"Shane and method has done a fabulous job so far, we had a great website but needed some technical work done behind the scenes. Then they started the seo process to get our business ranked in google maps and search."
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