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Calculate Commercial Carpet Cleaning Production Rates

Table to help figure out commercial carpet & tile cleaning production rates. Start with dimensions of the area to calculate sqr feet. Divide square feet by your production rate based on density of area. An example would be 400 sqr ft hour/ 800 sqr ft hour/1200 sqr ft hour. Then multiply by difficulty factor, examples would be multi-story, no water, late at night, etc. This will then equal total hours of job taking into account production rate and difficulty.

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Area Length X Width Total Sqr Ft Production Rate 400/800/1200
Difficulty 1.1- 1.2- 1.3
Total Hours
Hallway HWE 50X60 3000 3 hours 1.1 3.3
Banquet Hall 50X60 3000 3 hours 1 3
Cubicles 50X60 3000 3.75 hours 1 3.75
Private Office Move furniture 50×60 3000 7.5 hours 1 7.5
Cafeteria Move Tables 50×60 3000 3.75 hours 1.2 4.5
Hallway Encap 50×60 3000 2 hours 1 2
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