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Selling Carpet Cleaning To Restaurants Using Sales Routes

This is a mini webinar on selling commercial carpet & tile cleaning to restaurants. This includes several marketing strategies and ideas for commercial carpet and tile cleaning. The first part is creating a checklist on what to include in your marketing plan, including any tools, prices, flyers, cold calling scripts, leads, maps and sales follow up you want to use.

The first step is creating a marketing plan, I want to map out how many restaurants to target, what my goals are, frequency and of course what is the return on investment.

Marketing material– specifically made for restaurants all designed and printed. This can include sales flyers, brochures; sell sheets, postcards, all of this ready to go. With our cold calling script (outline) we want to lay out all the questions and information we need. A cold calling script does not mean you read off an actually script word for word like an actor but an outline. The outline may cover answers to common questions, carpet, tile or commercial cleaning services we might want to focus on, hot buttons to look for. One part important is finding out what the current carpet/tile cleaning frequency is too help decide on what packages to offer.

Restaurant Leads list– leads are the restaurants you want to target. Some of the factors you can think of are geographic area, number of employees, sales volume, square foot of building, franchise or chain versus independents. Maps, then load your leads on a map, you can try MapQuest, google etc., tons of them out there. Lastly create your follow up routines.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Marketing Plan

I like to call it a campaign because it’s just one campaign and not your whole plan. We can and should run multiple marketing strategies at once. Create an objective or description of what your goal is obviously our main objective is generating an estimate. After that collect contact information including email and build a follow routine. For each follow up routine create a category, I like to keep it simple of open leads, qualified leads and unqualified. The reason is if a restaurant has had same cleaner for 20 years w mark them as unqualified lead, now that doesn’t mean we never call them but it’s unlikely they will change anytime soon so maybe 1x year follow up.

Some of the ways to segment restaurant prospects: we want to set a geographic area; the number of employees doesn’t matter in this specific case. One filter to consider is franchise or chain versus independent, some commercial carpet cleaners don’t care either way but some like to focus only on the independent market. The contact person for cleaning in most restaurants will be general manager, assistant manager and maybe regional manager for franchises and chains.

Carpet Cleaning Services or Tile– what kind of services would your cleaning company like to provide? Some options are carpet cleaning, tile and grout, restroom steam cleaning, upholstery, windows and even pressure washing outside areas. Packages: think at first we need to interview prospects and see what they are currently doing. After that propose packages of say 2x-4x or 6x year, restaurants often have service even monthly. The point is to not give a 1x price but at minimum give price of 2x year or every six months.

Sales Route– Frequency and reach, next step of marketing plan is figuring out your frequency/reach. For any campaign to work us need to visit same prospects several times throughout the year. Businesses don’t always need or service right now this second but might in month, 3 months or even a year later. Lots of reasons why, managers change, owners change, carpet cleaners go out of business. Figure out the budget for the year including all of your costs even if you do the actual work. Someday you might want to hire a marketer; this is a great part time position. Nowadays plenty of people are looking for part time jobs especially a marketing position that doesn’t require physical labor.

Marketing Materials– if you are dedicated to a specific industry or segment I think it’s a good idea to create marketing material specific for that campaign or strategy. Obviously for a smaller one with say 40 targets it wouldn’t make sense but in this case every market has more than enough restaurants to make it worthwhile. Some subjects to include might be a list of services for example carpet steam cleaning, tile and grout, upholstery cleaning, etc. A testimonial from current clients also is a great way to make a connection. Don’t forget this is also an opportunity to plant the seed to build a program for the whole year.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Leads List

Put together a list of restaurant leads, lots of different options out there. Sales genie, go leads etc., can also google the topic for a smaller group. We put them in excel because later on down the road you can easily upload them to sales & marketing software or a crm. Excel is a universal language that can be uploaded to any system or on mapping software.

Some of the information we can keep in our lead list is employee size, sales volume, franchise or no franchised, name, email and qualified/unqualified.

Sales Route Maps– Take all of your leads and place them on a map, you can use google maps, MapQuest and any number of other mapping services. This is another reason to place your leads in an excel format, it is a universal language that can easily be loaded up to a map and create sales routes.

Qualified/Unqualified Leads- After meeting with a prospect decide if they are qualified for you, all this means is if this restaurant fits in with the services, times, days and budget you are comfortable with. Qualified basically means you found contact name, email and interest level. Now if they are unqualified for some reason that is fine scratch them off the leads list.

Sales follow up routines– In the internet world we call this IF/Then scenario. What this means is IF they are interested in an estimate THEN my actions will be what.

Some examples:

If qualified THEN- Email quarterly, Mail postcard 2 xs, Call 2 xs
If Estimate submitted THEN- Call day 3, day 7, day 14
If not closed then back to qualified routine
If Estimate Won THEN- Cross sell email 2x, customer survey 1x, newsletter 4x
If Estimate Lost THEN- Quarterly newsletter, call 1x annual

  • Campaign filled out
  • Printed Materials
  • Script
  • Leads List
  • Map
  • Follow Up routines

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