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Janitorial Marketing Plan

Looking to clean more Class A office space? focus on the top properties in your area

commercial cleaning sales software

Sales & Marketing Software, start with your leads list loaded into our sales and marketing software and you can start selling commercial accounts from day one.

marketing commercial cleaning doctors office

Doctors and Dentists, target small and medium sized medical buildings.

Included Is an Initial List Loaded into Our CRM of 500 Local Businesses Based on the Criteria YOU Submit

Create specific messages to specific carpet, tile and janitorial leads

Create specific value propositions to very specific leads. Every lead may find different messages important, the 100 employee software company may have different needs then a local pizza joint. A 5 employee dentist office may be motivated differently then a 100 employee medical group.

By segmenting your leads from the beginning and loading them in our CRM you can market to each group differently. Not only by what message you create but also by HOW you reach them.

  • Industry
  • Employee size
  • Sales Volume
  • Geographic Area
  • Towns and County
  • Square Feet