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Welcome to our Janitorial Bidding Calculator

The goal of this calculator is to figure out : Number one our profit and Number 2 profit margin on janitorial accounts. The whole point of being in business is to make money and a healthy profit margin for the risk and hard work it takes.

BELOW is the how to video and instructions


1 Sqr FT
2 Wages
3 Specialty Cleaning
4 Labor
5 Supplies
6 Profit Margin

Instructions on how to use bidding calculator

Page 1 – Enter total square fee

Page 2– Enter wage rate for each cleaner and labor burden of payroll taxes and insurance. This is a percentage mark up.

Page 3– Enter square foot of the areas for specialty cleaning services,next the price per square foot you can use our job calculator to figure out sqr foot rates   http://methodcleanbiz.com/calculator/ .  Last tab the number of times completed per year.

*Note this specialty cleaning section will be separate from the monthly cleaning price

Page 4– Section 1 is enter your production rates for common areas, offices and fixtures per hour

Section Enter total square feet of common areas, offices and fixtures to be cleaned

Section 3 last tab enter the number of cleans per month

The green bar will add up the total hours, times by number of cleans per month and wages total for a total labor cost.


Page 5– Supplies and equipment, enter number of units and cost per unit for various supplies

Total is located at the bottom of page

Page 6– Total profit calculations

Follow instructions and enter the desired profit margin, for a 60% profit enter 40 or 70% profit enter 30. This gives you the monthly cleaning price and total profit in absolute numbers.

Specialty Cleaning Price is located at the last tab