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Looking To Add More Janitorial & Commercial Carpet/Tile Cleaning Accounts?

Welcome to Account Based Marketing, feel free to examine our website and use our free resources to help grow your cleaning service. 

The challenge with selling commercial cleaning and janitorial accounts is getting in front of managers, executives and business owners BEFORE they go out for a formal bidding process. By the time they commit to seeking bids, 5-7 competitors are going to be invited. This makes our job a lot harder and much more price competitive.

We want to do a walk thru and submit a proposal BEFORE the competition shows up, at this stage we come off as a consultant, asking questions and providing solutions.  Our company specifically services commercial cleaning , janitorial and carpet cleaning businesses through account based marketing methods.

Introducing commercial cleaning website design & seo using account based marketing principals

Our company specifically services commercial cleaning , janitorial and carpet cleaning businesses through account based marketing methods.

How does account based marketing work with seo? By first deciding on a specific group of prospects and then creating content tailored to their specific needs, questions and problems. We first start by creating a customer profile specific to your goals, services and market.

This is a comprehensive tutorial on putting together a sample janitorial & commercial cleaning service business plan. This can be used by cleaning services, janitorial service, commercial cleaning specialty and carpet cleaning businesses.

By targeting your commercial cleaning leads from the beginning you can market to each group differently. Not only by what message you create but also by HOW you reach them.

Commercial cleaning employee manual or handbook, this can be used for janitorial, carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning services

SEO marketing commercial cleaning services

Practical Explanation of SEO Services for Commercial Cleaning Businesses

We understand whenever commercial cleaning & janitorial service owners start to research website design and seo it can become a rabbit hole you never come out of. I know and have been involved in thousands of these discussions over the years in social media.

It always devolves into debates over hyper-technical details and the small business owners want no part of it. You don’t need to know all that stuff, what’s important for business owners is to understand basic concepts.

EAT = Expertise- Authority- Trust

This is a basic concept to understand and embrace before investing in any website design or seo service.

Expertise– is simply you the contractor, sharing your knowledge of the service you are selling. Basically, you are providing evidence you know how to do this stuff. This can be done through text, images or video. Best case is all three.

Authority– comes from other people acknowledging that expertise.

  1. 1st Source of authority comes from either local or national media sources, especially any source with a live person editing.
  2. 2nd is from the general public watching your videos or reading your blogs. If thousands or millions of people are experiencing your content, you must know the topic (in googles eyes).
  3. 3rd is from industry sources like a trade association or winning a local award.

Trust– This is a huge topic for google maps specifically but also search in general. Trust comes from real people ultimately; the biggest way is through customer reviews. Social media is also a big part of trust because they are dealing with your company on a regular basis or are current clients.

Email- is the last one but still important, website traffic from email is considered pretty trustworthy, mostly a cleaning company only emails and gets responses from people they know.

Website Design Using Rich Content

A big part of our website design and seo marketing strategy is using rich content. 

If you explore our website you will notice we have pages with text of 500 words to 6000 words. 
Power point presentations, images, introduction videos, owner videos, calculators, graphs, tutorials, manuals, almost anything you can imagine. 

There is 2 reasons for this, google search and for the website visitors.

Google likes rich content and has stated many times they want websites to encourage engagement and get readers thinking, acting on the topic presented on a page.

Our ultimate goal is the visitors, readers, we want people to enjoy their experience on our website and come back again. 

Everyone is different, so we like the concept of offering options. If a visitor prefers text, fine we have that option. But if they prefer pdf’s or videos, that’s great also. 

We want to use this website design strategy for your cleaning service. The details will change of course based on your goals, market, value proposition and services but the concept is still the same. 

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service Marketing

Welcome to our tutorial on commercial cleaning marketing for janitorial services, commercial carpet cleaning and commercial specialty cleaning services, this is a free resource to learn about business planning, sales, marketing, bidding, proposals.

Some of the topics that are covered in this tutorial:

  • Marketing planning-  sales plan, marketing plan, target marketing
  • Marketing- value propositions, budget worksheet, linkedin, facebook, door to door sales, cold calling, 
  • Sales- proposals, facility managers, property managers and office managers

The point is trying to get all of this information rowing in the same direction, an organized pathway of point A to point B to point C. Often commercial cleaning services just kind of throw things against the wall hoping for the best. We are trying to get everything working together as a team.  

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