Sample Commercial Carpet Cleaning Email Template

Carpet Cleaning Email Marketing

Commercial carpet and tile cleaning email marketing template and script. This email template can be used for dedicated commercial carpet cleaning services and also cleaning services, janitorial services that use specialty cleaning as an add on.

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The good news with email marketing is the bad news. Email is super inexpensive which leads people to abuse it endlessly. All of us receive spam email, sometimes 100 of them a day for me. We want to avoid turning into that at all costs, this can ruin a relationship before it even begins.

This is where email really shines, when a prospect asks to send information, we submit an estimate or they become a customer.

Now they are opted into our system and we can start to send emails on a regular basis to follow up.

Over the long term you will want to create drip campaigns for qualified leads, estimates and customers. Each are at a different stage of the buying process and will usually need different information.

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sample commercial cleaning email template


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Email Text

Recently, two manufacturing clients of ours started using our Spot Free carpet cleaning service. The purpose of the service to set up a simple, cost effective way to keep your carpets looking great year round.

This service has been a resounding success so far, as the link to our blog shows in the before/after pictures. We have removed all the carpet stains that would have stayed for months or even years.

Company can provide you with a simple, inexpensive carpet cleaning program to remove drink spills and deep clean the high traffic areas of your building. We can customize a program to focus only on the high use areas of your building and then spot clean on a regular rotation.

I would like to schedule a brief 10 minute inspection and supply an estimate based on your needs. I can be reached anytime xxx-xxxx