Using Facebook notes on your facebook business page for commercial cleaning services, janitorial and carpet cleaners. Notes is tool you can use to share content with your audience. This tool is similar to posting a blog on your website, same kind of concept. Right now it is mainly used for publishing articles and pictures, infographics.

This is an example of a note I published on @methodcleanbiz and pinned to the top. You can see the layout is very nice and user friendly with a big picture, paragraph and option to see the whole article. The point is this really stands out compared to just posting on your timeline and the chances of our audience clicking on it should be much higher.

How to: Click on More tab > Scroll down to manage tabs > Add or Remove tab > Notes should pop up under the Added apps section. If this is a tool you will use frequently then under > manage tabs move it to the front part of your page.
With the Notes tool you can create a banner image at the top, create articles, add paragraphs, headlines and quotes.

You can see in the video example how nice the layout is, especially when reading on a mobile device. The whole point is not only to share information with our audience but make it as easy to read and use as possible.

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