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This is a quick blog on prospecting for commercial cleaning leads, targeting call centers. This can be for commercial cleaning, janitorial, commercial carpet cleaning and floor stripping & waxing.

Call centers can be great prospects for the cleaning industry, they generally have lots of employees and lots of staff equals a lot of dirt! The challenge is they are not really a category in itself, so can be difficult to track down with a leads list or mailing list broker.

Call centers can be part of a bank, collections agency, manufacturer or any number of other industries. If you look at the picture you can see this is a great prospect for the cleaning industry, they have carpet, lots of chairs, dirty restrooms, partitions, etc.

Call Centers

If you think about it what do they need more than anything? Employees! This is what a customer service operation needs more than anything is staff and I figure why not go and canvass the job listing sites and see who is hiring .

Chances are if they are hiring, they are growing and have a need for cleaning and hopefully a decent budget.Where to prospect for commercial cleaning leads. In this blog I went to Cleveland Ohio to the local newspaper and job finder website.

Customer service reps or debt collection is the most common job classification but can also fall under administrative, inside sales and many other misc categories. We were in luck they had customer service and specifically a category for call center jobs.

Google Search Is Your Friend

Once you start doing this weekly or even monthly you will notice the employers hiring all the time which is a pretty big clue that it’s a big operation which equals a big commercial cleaning leads for us.

As you scan down the list of employers just read the body to get some context of the type of operation it is. After that simply google the company name and find out the address, phone to start a cold calling campaign.

Now I don’t have any context of these employers but I am sure locally you have seen their buildings before or heard the company name in the news before.

Start with a business plan

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