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How to Target and Win Call Centers as Your Next Big Cleaning Contract

Call centers are one of the best prospects for cleaning services, as they have a large number of employees and are often in need of regular cleaning.

However, finding call centers can be a challenge, as they are located in various industries and not necessarily categorized as such. In this blog, we will explore a quick and effective way to find call centers that are hiring and in need of cleaning services.

One way to find call centers is by searching for customer service or call center jobs on job finder sites.


For example, if you search for “call center jobs” in Cleveland, Ohio, you will find a list of companies that are hiring for call center positions. By monitoring these job listings on a regular basis, you can identify companies that are consistently hiring, which indicates that they have a large call center.

Use Google Search

Once you have identified potential call centers, you can use Google to research the company and find their address and phone number. From there, you can start making cold calls and pitching your cleaning services.

It’s essential to do some quick research on the company and understand their industry and specific cleaning needs before making the call.


Services To Inlcude in Contract

Call centers require a range of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, floor cleaning, and janitorial services. They have a high volume of foot traffic, which means their carpets and floors can get dirty quickly.

Restrooms, partitions, and chairs also require regular cleaning to maintain a clean and healthy work environment.

In conclusion, finding call centers that need cleaning services can be challenging, but with some strategic searching and research, it is possible to identify potential prospects.

By monitoring job listings, researching companies, and pitching your services, you can land new business and grow your cleaning services. Call centers are a fantastic opportunity for cleaning service providers, so don’t overlook them in your prospecting efforts.


What to include in proposal?


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