Videos have become the most popular content on facebook, especially if you have downloaded the app. In this blog we cover the two main ways to upload videos to your commercial cleaning or carpet cleaning business page. In this sample we loaded up the same video, up top is the facebook version where we uploaded directly to the facebook platform. The one below was loaded onto youtube and then we shared the link.

What is your marketing goal? What I found is it depends on what your goal is, each platform has its pro/con. End of the day I will probably use both, maybe use one on say October 1st and then the second on December 1st. Facebook Marketing Sample >>>>>

carpet cleaning video marketing

Youtube Benefit

Main benefit is the SEO value, not only on youtube but more importantly in google searches. Google has started to include a video carousel in search, sometimes they even place it at the top of the page. Also youtube is a great source for links, so you can place links in the description box pointing to pages on your website.

carpet cleaning facebook marketing

Facebook Video

Facebook Video. This has several benefits, first thing you notice is how they present it. If you look at the sample, the facebook version is much larger and the thumbnail covers the whole box, on mobile it is even more pronounced and covers your whole phone screen. You can imagine this is going to receive many more clicks and increase your brand awareness. Learn about using landing pages for facebook>>>

Second part is reach, how often FB serves the post to your likes. Generally speaking when you post they will serve the post to only a percentage of people who like your page, off the top of my head would say between 20-30%. This video reached about 90% of the people who liked my page which is triple the amount the youtube video received or what a standard text/image based post would get. I want to point out these numbers can increase dramatically when people start liking and sharing. If you don’t currently use the APP you should start using it for marketing purposes. Viewers have two completely different experiences using the app versus a browser. They definitely serve many more videos on the app and give preference to video.

Really a shame we have to decide like this but this is where marketing is right now and we have to roll with it. So my opinion is if your goal is seo value then definitely share a youtube link but if your goal is for more people to see it then using the facebook platform will be the better value. As always with marketing TEST,TEST, TEST.

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