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How Carpet Cleaners Can create a Sales Funnel

This is a quick blog on creating a sales funnel for a carpet cleaning advertising campaign. A sales funnel in advertising is taking someone by the hand step by step through your sales process. Nowadays we mainly see the subject in internet marketing connected with landing pages or email. We could just as easily include phone calls and direct mail marketing to the mix also.

What is a sales funnel in advertising?

For a carpet cleaning service or in this example tile & grout steam cleaning directed at homeowners. For our industry we are starting off with a cold lead, moving them to a qualifying step, confirming interest as a prospect, scheduling an estimate and finally becoming a customer.

Cold Lead

We start off with a cold lead, this could come from adwords, facebook, linkedin or any number of social media platforms. Include a picture of the subject, headline and some brief description of why someone would want to visit this page.

This advertisement is in a blog format or article about the top 10 reasons for a homeowner to seal their grout after having it cleaned. Very hot topic for this service and something people want to know.

Qualified Lead

The next step is qualifying this lead, whats the difference? As a lead we really do not know anything about this visitor and want to learn more information about them. Being a local carpet cleaning service this would be part of the qualifying process unless you want to travel 500 miles for $200 job. Also we want to be able to follow up with them with more information.

In this sample we used a facebook offer claim to qualify the lead and collect information.


After qualifying we can confirm interest and move them through the funnel a little more before making an offer. This is a great place to offer a video or demonstration of your service and/or a testimonial. Also could just create 2 videos and send 3 days apart, first one live demonstration of technical and 2nd testimonial.
We decided to make short videos and merge both themes together into one 1 minute video.

Scheduling an Estimate

This is the close! On this final page we will use a timer based sales close to create some urgency. A final countdown will tick off the clock directing visitors to schedule an estimate right away to claim this special offer. One thing I will comment on this theme is make sure to keep it shorter and only use once in a while or visitors will stop believing time really is running out. Not a good idea to keep it running non-stop.

This was a quick blog on creating a carpet cleaning advertising using a sales funnel. I hope you gather some ideas and contact us to start your own funnel.

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