This is a quick blog on How to optimize a carpet cleaning facebook marketing campaign. I know most of you have heard the word optimize when it comes to digital marketing including facebook, adwords and especially SEO and wonder what it means. Basically we want to make the campaign better, sometimes a marketing piece gets off to a slow start and we need to analyze it to find ways to make it better.

By looking at the analytics and using some practical experience in any industry we then can do some testing to find ways to make it work. Some of the variables we can use in facebook are placements, age, gender, devices and geography.

Using Facebook Reports To Optimize Age

In this specific blog we are focused on using age for a residential carpet or tile cleaning ad. With reports we can download them into excel like in this example, this was a live advertisement and the numbers kept moving so it is just easier for this video.

The main columns we used for this exercise is Age, number of clicks, click thru percentage, cost per click and total reach. This is by no means the ONLY information we need to know but the core information at this stage.

  • Group A: 18-24 year olds had 0 clicks and the reach was super tiny 30.
  • Group B: 25-34 year olds had 9 clicks, 1.4% click thru and .37 cost per click
  • Group C: 35-44 year olds had 15 clicks, 2% click thru and .32 cost per click
  • Group D: 45-54 year olds had 14 clicks, 2.5% click thru and .43 cost per click
  • Group E: 55-64 year olds had 4 clicks, 1.3% click thru and .27 cost per click

Segment and Create New Ads

Looking at this we can see quickly 18-24 year olds are not a great demographic for carpet cleaning and we will delete right off the bat.

25-34 age group is too low currently at 1.4% click rate BUT I want to pull this demographic out and run a separate ad targeted at their specific needs. Remember nowadays people stay in college much longer than 20 years ago and this is a move out or rental market in some areas.

35-44 and 45-54 age group is the primary market as we can see in the analytics. This is where we want to pull that group out and start to create messages, images and videos directed at typical people in this target. For carpet cleaning and tile we are thinking single family homes, kids, pets and the white picket fence. Busy family life and lots of traffic!

55-64 age group is interesting, the click thru was too low also but the price was pretty cheap at .27 cents per click. So I am thinking at this price lets pull this demographic out and run ads targeting what someone in this situation values. No kids, pets, disposable income but probably doesn’t want to or maybe can’t do the physical labor anymore.

3 Example Ads

This blog is on a hot topic lately about Facebook Marketing Ideas for carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning services. This specific blog is more geared towards the residential carpet & tile cleaners but the concept can be applied to the commercial market also. We are going to show examples of different landing pages that can be used and the different themes or ideas we can use.

Landing pages are kind of confusing to people, all a landing page is a page, just a web page. Weather you make one from one of the services out there or just use a page or blog on your website doesn’t really matter. The point is to have a form attached leads or prospects can fill out and the information drops right into a CRM or sales & marketing software.

1. First Example-

This first example is using a blog on our website, we absolutely can use a blog on our website as a landing page. Now this sample is very technical, so this idea would not be great for every lead. As you scroll down you can see we have a lot of text, almost 800 words, video and a data table.

This would be an extreme example of a technical based facebook marketing campaign. Obviously a carpet cleaner wouldn’t want to write about a business plan to homeowners but you could just as easily write about different carpet fibers and what the pros/cons are.

One thing I would recommend using this idea is putting some kind of bold call to action over on the right, something that will stick out like a free estimate button or something. Facebook Marketing Ideas Carpet Cleaners and Commercial Cleaning

2nd Example-

This next sample is more of a traditional landing page, very simple and quick with a form to fill out. Tile and grout cleaning is the service we focused on and the theme was a video style with very little text, just a short paragraph. The offer is for 1 free room of carpet cleaning with any tile cleaning service which is a great way to cross sell an additional service with no risk to the customer.

Facebook is perfect for offers like this, the contact form is at the bottom and a lead can quickly scan through the page and make a decision to schedule an estimate or get more information. Only thing I would add here is maybe a link to your full website, some leads might not be ready yet to make a commitment so it’s a good idea to offer them the option to Learn More.

3. 3rd Example

Using Giveaways For Facebook Marketing

This last example we are going back to the simple 1 page theme and using a carpet cleaning giveaway. This format is set up to be really quick and for a lead to fill out the form at the bottom. Accidents do happen … that is the message here and we are offering a free bottle of spot carpet cleaner to help out homeowners.

The marketing idea here is homeowners are not going to call a cleaner for every little spill they have, so why not create a relationship and help them out in between professional cleanings.

Sample three is again set up to claim an offer, what we would do here is post the link in our facebook marketing and the customer enters on this page. The difference is this page will be set up with a two step sign up process instead just 1 page with form at bottom.

The offer was for 1 room of carpet cleaning $100, there is no limit to what kind of offers we make, I could just as easily made it clean 2 rooms and receive free carpet protector or whatever else you can think of. With the two step form a customer goes to the second page and fill out contact information.

The goal is to connect these forms with your sales and marketing software so the information drops right in and we can immediately contact for details or scope of the project.

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