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List Of Emotional Words To Use In Phone Scripts

This is a quick blog on 9 powerful words you can use in the introduction phase of a commercial cleaning cold calling script, this can apply to commercial cleaning, janitorial or commercial carpet cleaning..

Using power or emotional words extremely important with telephone selling because we are missing body language, facial expressions, anything visual so we need to make up for it with the use of descriptive words.

What will become important here is choosing words that are descriptive of who you are, what your commercial cleaning company is about and can prove later on down the road in a conversation. There is no sense in saying you are the largest in the county if you really are not and they can easily find out.

9 Powerful words you can use in a commercial cleaning cold calling script

  • Leading

  • Leader In

  • Major

  • Emerging

  • Innovative

  • Pioneering

  • Pioneer

  • Surging

  • Specialize

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Receptionist- Hello, my name is Jason with ABC commercial cleaning, we specialize in commercial cleaning locally. May I speak with the person that handles that for your company.

Contact:  Hello “Bob”, my name is Jason (can add title) and I am calling with ABC commercial cleaning. We are an EMERGING LEADER (powerful, descriptive) in providing commercial cleaning services locally. OR We are an EMERGING company locally specializing in commercial cleaning services.


Since we do not advertise heavily and we have not had the opportunity to work for you in the past.

I would like to stop by and introduce myself to your company.

OR I would like to stop by and introduce our company to you.


What Powerful Words Should A Cleaning Company Use?

In this phone script we used the word Emerging, I felt that was the perfect word to describe where most cleaning services are who are looking to start cold calling.

Another point I want to make is we are keeping this script pretty short but effective. The reason is it makes no sense to publish a 500 word IF THEN scenario for people that are new to a subject.

What happens is it can become too complicated and we just give up. Better to memorize and perfect a short script and later on move to more advanced strategies.


Make Sure to Choose A Word You Can Back Up

The reason we chose the word emerging is its something we can back up, we are an emerging cleaning business, rising, developing, growing, etc.

Later on in the conversation we then tie it all together. If you state that you are innovative, well then you have to provide proof later on why you are innovative. If you are green, then how and why you are a green cleaner.



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Getting Past The Gatekeeper

This is actually pretty simple, their job is to direct phone traffic so the main part is not to come off spammy or sound like one of the 100’s of scammers that call every day.

The best way to deal with the receptionist is just be direct and honest about Who you are, What you do and What you want them to do. The most important word nowadays will be LOCAL, letting them know right away you are a local service company, a neighbor if you will.


Time To Speak With “Bob”

Now we finally get to speak with Bob the contact person, we start by stating our name (title is optional), company we are with and now we plug in our power word, EMERGING. “We are an emerging company locally, specializing in commercial cleaning. “

Now just stating we are emerging in of itself is meaningless but we are going to explain.

After taking a deep breath we then say “Since we do not advertise heavily” (remember we are emerging) and “have not worked for him in the past.” I would like to stop by and introduce myself or I would like to stop by and introduce our company to you.


Low Risk For You and The Prospect

The point of using this approach is its low risk for you and the prospect. You are under no pressure to “sell” anything, just want to stop by and introduce yourself.

Low risk for the prospect Bob because he is only committing to an introduction. If he likes what he hears then he will offer a walk thru. If not, no big deal he will take your card and keep on file if they ever need it.

Always can follow up with email  or direct mail too.



When using the telephone for prospecting, the words we use can become very important. Remember prospects are taking dozens of calls from vendors everyday saying they are premier this or professional that.

But, it is critical that whatever claim, value we use, we can back it up at a later point or it becomes useless and may even backfire.

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