Referral Marketing Sources For Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Referral Sources

How to work with referral sources to get commercial cleaning leads

In this presentation we wanted to introduce you to a potential referral source to get commercial cleaning leads that you may not have thought about before. This can apply to commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial service or any specialty commercial service.

Office furniture installers and retailers can be a great little niche referral source for the office market especially.

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Example Referral List

To get started I just googled office furniture installers to see how many were in an area. You also can buy mailing lists to become more organized and create a dedicated campaign, but google is a good starting point.

In this quick search for Atlanta you can see dozens of businesses listed for this category, I’m sure there is a lot more.

What Services To Offer?

For this referral source I have found two main services they can have interest in

  1. Office Chairs
  2. Office Partitions, workstations with fabric

Mainly office partitions seem to carry the most interest. For some reason when business purchase new office furniture they focus on the desks, chairs and then always want to go cheap on the partitions

This is where we can come in and be the hero. The installer can offer to restore/clean the partitions instead of full replacement for the client and hire us to do the work, then just mark it up and make an easy profit.

From a bidding standpoint this is a great position for us to be in, instead of competing against other cleaning services they are comparing the cost of cleaning versus replacement.

referral sources janitorial leads

Now the magic happens!

If you think about this, we are now in the clients building cleaning chairs and partitions. Its inevitable we will meet the manager, facility manager, office manager, etc throughout the project.

This gives us a great opportunity to sell carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, office cleaning daily janitorial service, etc. Often when businesses take on these big remodeling projects they are looking for a fresh start!

The original referral source, office furniture installers doesn’t provide these services so we are in no way taking business from them.

I know this is an overused cliché but this really is a win/win/win situation for everyone.

How To Connect?

This is a referral source, going door to door and introduce yourself is critical, they really need to meet you before deciding to refer you. You can also add a sell sheet specific to partition/chair cleaning.

Some digital marketing products would include landing page, email template and youtube video of a job.

Another very effective strategy is joining an association or chamber of commerce

In conclusion I have found this to be a great little marketing campaign with very low competition if any, the best ones!

commercial cleaning referral marketing

How To Get Referrals From Construction Companies

Today we are going to focus on getting commercial tile/floor jobs through construction clean ups.

This is more focused on project work floor cleaning, tile cleaning, sealing etc and not cleaning the whole building but just the floors/carpet.

Great part about this strategy is we can get a high margin 1x job through the construction company and then reach out to the client moving in for a long term janitorial or commercial cleaning contract.

2 jobs for the price of 1, who doesn’t love that!


Create a marketing campaign reaching out to construction companies to sell floor cleaning services and gain referrals to the client moving in.


  1. Get on company bid list
  2. Collect information about type of projects
  3. Find out project manager’s name or list


All construction companies with 10 or more employees

Small to medium size projects


This can be city, town, county, even radius from an address.             

Contact Person:

  1. Project Managers                                  
  2. Superintendents

Services offered:

  1. Tile & grout steam cleaning
  2. Grout sealing
  3. Grout coloring
  4. VCT floor waxing

Value Proposition:

flexible scheduling, quick job turn arounds, safety, expert knowledge of tile

 Total Construction Businesses: 247

Where do we find them?

  1. Buy list
  2. Search google for construction projects
  3. Local business journals
  4. Newspaper
  5. Linkedin

How do we reach them?

  1. Door to door is best
  2. Linkedin connections
  3. Email/Mail Follow up
  4. Phone

Frequency Schedule:

  1. Door to Door quarterly 247 businesses X 4 divided by 52 weeks = 19 per week
  2. Linkedin reach out to 5-10 month
  3.  Email/Mail follow up 4x year when qualified
  4. Phone call follow up 2x year when qualified

Cost Breakdown:

ROI Goal-
# Construction Jobs gained
# Referral Clients gained

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