Today we are going to focus on getting commercial tile/floor jobs through construction clean ups.

This is more focused on project work floor cleaning, tile cleaning, sealing etc and not cleaning the whole building but just the floors/carpet.

Great part about this strategy is we can get a high margin 1x job through the construction company and then reach out to the client moving in for a long term routine maintenance.

2 jobs for the price of 1, who doesn’t love that!


Create a marketing campaign reaching out to construction companies to sell floor cleaning services and gain referrals to the client moving in.



  1. Get on company bid list
  2. Collect information about type of projects
  3. Find out project manager’s name or list



All construction companies with 10 or more employees

Small to medium size projects




Contact Person:

  1. Project Managers                                    
  2. Superintendents

Services offered:

  1. Tile & grout steam cleaning
  2. Grout sealing
  3. Grout coloring
  4. VCT floor waxing


Value Proposition:

flexible scheduling, quick job turn arounds, safety, expert knowledge of tile

Step by Step commercial cleaning marketing campaign
marketing commercial cleaning business

 Total Construction Businesses: 247

Where do we find them?

  1. Buy list
  2. Search google for construction projects
  3. Local business journals
  4. Newspaper
  5. Linkedin

How do we reach them?

  1. Door to door is best
  2. Linkedin connections
  3. Email/Mail Follow up
  4. Phone
commercial cleaning sales software

Frequency Schedule:

1.Door to Door quarterly 247 businesses X 4 divided by 52 weeks = 19 per week

2. Linkedin reach out to 5-10 a month

3. Email/Mail follow up 4x year when qualified

4. Phone call follow up 2x year when qualified

Cost Breakdown:



ROI Goal-

# Construction Jobs gained

# Referral Clients gained 

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