Todays blog alert is focused on How a commercial cleaning service can measure social media marketing. Each of these social media platforms have hyper-technical details specific to their platform, we are going to use Linkedin as an example because it is business to business marketing.

This can apply to commercial cleaning services, janitorial and carpet cleaning

What we are trying to show is how to create leading indicators or how to predict success in marketing campaigns in social media. You might hear this term leading indicators when economists talk about the economy. They are looking for hints, predictors of what can happen 1 year, 3 year or 5 years later.

We can use the same concept in our marketing campaigns.

Four measurement tools we can use

  • Connections, post likes, views, ads
  • Qualified Leads
  • Estimates
  • Sales ROI

Also by segmenting in these 4 categories, we can pinpoint where are bottlenecks are, where are we getting bogged down. This way we can find solutions for that specific problem and not just trash the whole campaign.

  1. Sales ROI- this is obviously the most watched number, how much revenue/profit are we generating for the amount of money spent.
  2. Estimates or Sales leads- this segment is where we count the physical number of estimates given or proposals submitted.
  3. Qualified Leads – this is a marketing qualified lead, basically when a lead identifies themselves. This can be by phone call, newsletter sign up, messenger, email. Often people will just start by asking a few questions but at this stage they are not ready for an estimate yet.
  4. Connections, post likes, post views, ad results. This is the beginning or the foundation of any platform. Often before moving forward people will check out your profile first to see if you are legit.

Also this is an inexpensive way to keep in front of your key accounts and primary leads on a weekly basis.

Identify Bottlenecks

One of the reasons to break into segments like this is identify problems. An example would be you get a dozen qualified leads but no estimates from them then we know there is a problem there.

Or you are generating a dozen estimates but not closing any of them. Now we know to focus on the estimate and/or bidding process.

commercial cleaning marketing plan

Sales Forecasting

The sales cycle in commercial cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial can be much longer than a retail or residential sale. Depending on the service and size of the company, it can take 3, 6 months and even years to turn a lead into a sale.

Following a process like this can prepare you for future staffing needs, equipment purchases, saving money for cashflow, etc.

Also with a longer sales cycle it can become depressing and we wonder if we are even on the right track. This can encourage us to keep plugging away, as long as we keep adding qualified leads, eventually we will figure out what is important to them.

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