Selling Cleaning Services Medical Buildings

Marketing Cleaning Services To Doctor Offices

This is a quick blog and video on how to sell commercial cleaning services to office managers in medical buildings. This can apply to commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning services and janitorial. Medical can be a broad category of targets including clinics, doctors offices, dentists, hospitals and many medical specialties.

Whenever starting a new target the process we can follow is what is the Account (business) and then who is the Lead (contact person). In doctor offices and misc medical buildings the Office Manager is one of the main points of contact or lead.

After deciding this we can fill out a customer profile to learn who this person (lead) is and what is potentially important to this specific industry (account).

What is the customer profile of an office manager?

One of the personas that jumped out at me going through this profile is Women predominately and over 30 years old and often over 40.

sample commercial cleaning facebook ads

How do I reach them?

The first thing that popped in my head with women over 30 is facebook advertising. This demographic matches up perfectly with facebook ads.

marketing cleaning service doctor office

Using Facebook Ads Manager

  • The first step with facebook ads manager is choosing your geographic area or in our case the areas we will service.
  • Next is age which with office managers will be in the 30-55 range, although I would test going lower into 25 age and higher into 60 also.
  • Gender will definitely be women
  • Detailed Targeting- the first question will be do you want to go broad or be specific, I personally prefer broad but have no problem with the specific strategy either, just personal preference. My feeling with broad is people hang out and spend time with other people like them so you can pick up some shares and likes from friends and family.
  • There is many ways to think of this, two ways I would approach is the job title and the subject in general.
  • Administrative services would be the job title angle- secretary, receptionist, manager, etc
  • Healthcare & Medical Services would be more of the general interest.


This all starts with creating a customer profile and deciding what is the target? First by Account (business) then by Lead (person, job title). Who am I targeting and then what should I say and how do I reach them.

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