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This is a simple but powerful blog on how to promote a cleaning service: Master Template. This can apply to commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning and janitorial businesses.

Marketing can be very confusing at times, with this master template you can keep all of these questions on 1 page and simplify the whole process.

The purpose of this template is to keep all of our marketing information in a simple one page format. What we will do in this presentation is start on the first question “ what is my goal” and progress through the different questions until we find the answer.

With a dashboard we can ask all these questions in a sequence but still see them all at once.


Top 9 Topics To Include In A Marketing Template

1. What is your goal

2.Accounts- what businesses to target

3. Leads- who are the decision makers

4. Services- what services to highlight

5.Value Proposition- what messages to use

6. Channels- where and how to advertise, sell and market

7. Customer Segments- account based marketing

8. Budget-  marketing budget

9. Measurement- how to define success

What is my goal? (vision/mission)

  1. Do you want to build $100k in commercial sales and remain an owner operator or do you want to build $1 million or even $10 million in cleaning sales. We start here because this answer affects all the other questions.    Vision 

Account Targets

2. Accounts are businesses, what are the category or group of businesses you want to sell to? Some examples can be apartments, restaurants, property managers, large employers, everybody in a specific town, etc.  


3. This can be confusing but the difference is accounts are businesses and leads are the decision makers, leads are people. This is based on the above question of accounts, different accounts and can have completely different leads. Example: industrial=facility manager and medical =office manager.


What Services will you offer?

4. Based on the three previous questions, what services will best fit for that specific account or group (businesses).

Value Proposition

5. What messages including text, images will be best based on the four previous questions. An older more sophisticated lead may need a better quality text. What are their specific hot buttons and pain points.

How to use metaphors


6. Where and how do I reach these accounts and leads. This can become extremely important, an older demographic like property managers mail and phone can be effective but a younger one like restaurant managers social media and email. 

Survey of how decision makers prefer to be reached 

Customer Segments

7. With account based marketing this can be broken down into 3 categories: Key accounts/ Growth accounts/ 1x accounts.


Marketing Budget

8.  How will you cut up the budget based on the channels. An example would be Phone 50%, Direct Mail 20%, Linkedin 20%, Youtube 10%. 

Measure Results and adjust

9. Our marketing and business plan are not meant to be static but to adjust on the fly as we learn the results over time. Some basic measurements are sales/KPI/profits/ROI. The main thing here is the difference between KPI(key performance indicators) and ROI (return on investment). The key difference is KPI is the short term daily/weekly/monthly statistics and ROI is long term over 6 months and then 1/3/5 years. 


In conclusion these are 9 variables to take into account when building a marketing template or dashboard for a commercial cleaning service.

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