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Today I wanted to share the number 1 sales and marketing for selling commercial cleaning services. This can be used by janitorial services, commercial carpet cleaning, disinfecting and office cleaning services.

Its one thing to tell a lead or prospect you have high quality, you are the best, biggest, etc. But it is far more effective to show managers and building owners WHY you are high quality, why your standards are higher and more importantly, explain HOW you plan to do that.

I call this a PDF, some would say e-book, digital brochure, all these words get to the same place, we are sharing information and providing evidence for our case. Why they should hire us.

100% Guaranteed To Be Effective

When I first started in the commercial cleaning industry in 1996, we didn’t have all these digital tools, I had to use mostly black/white text printed on letterhead to distribute information like this.

I could mail them out in sequence in a sales letter format or drop off an information packet to a prospect.

Nowadays its a whole lot easier and cheaper to distribute, plus we have all these tools at our disposal to add pictures and colors to make them more interesting.

95% of the businesses who have bought from me over the years have received an “info packet” or today viewed a PDF.

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