Selling commercial cleaning accounts combining voicemail & direct mail

Selling commercial cleaning accounts combining voicemail & direct mail

Benefits of Combining Direct Mail & Phone Sales

In this quick video we show how to create a quick 30 second voicemail script for selling commercial cleaning services and combine it with direct mail. 

One of the challenges going forward with remote workers will be getting in touch with prospects over the phone.

Also when cleaners are first starting out with phone marketing and sales, they often lack confidence. This is a great way to make 5-10 phone calls every morning early and leave voicemails. After doing that for a couple months talking to managers will be much easier.

There is two ways to combine direct mail with voicemail, a sales letter or flyer first then leave a voicemail or you can make the voicemail phone call first then send the direct mail piece as the follow up.

In this example we mailed the flyer first and are using the voicemail call as the follow up.

Table of Contents

We can break this phone script into 3 main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Pain Point
  • Appointment.


  • Introduce our name, company name,
  • let them know we are exclusive or specialize in their industry/category/service  
  • remind them we just sent the letter/flyer a couple days before.

Pain Point

In this second paragraph we are looking to solve a problem or point out a common pain point.

For this example we pointed out something managers complain about all the time. Hiring, training and supervising employees.

THEN, we remind them again we mailed them a letter/flyer explaining our solution.

Good Morning “Jason” this is (your name) with ABC commercial cleaning, we work exclusively with medical buildings in the area


I’m following up on a letter I sent earlier this week regarding our commercial cleaning services.

One of the challenges cleaning services have is hiring, training and supervising cleaners. In the letter I recently mailed we go over our extensive process.


I would like to see if you have 10-15 minutes available for a brief introduction

Please contact me when you have time.  I can be reached at xxx-xxxx. Again, its Name with Company and I look forward to meeting you.


Shane Deubell


Lastly we let the prospect know what they should do next. In this sample we kept it open and asked for 10-15 minute introduction.

In theory this could be in person or over the phone. If you are more aggressive then you would go right for an in person appointment.

Finally repeating your name, company name and contact information.

Emotional words or Power words

Several places throughout this script I highlighted emotional words, descriptive words. Exclusive, Extensive, Medical.

These are just examples but important to plug in these words throughout a conversation to separate ourselves from the pack.


janitorial phone marketing template

Sample Phone Marketing Campaign- Large Employers

This is a phone marketing template that can be used to create campaigns for commercial cleaning services, janitorial and commercial carpet & tile cleaning services.

The purpose of this template is to create a campaign and help narrow down your prospect targets. Most areas have thousands and even 10’s of thousands of businesses we can contact, we want to narrow that down to our best prospects.

This example is for Large Employers, businesses with 100 plus employees.

Description:  All major employers in the town of Miami, FL 100 employees or more


 Objective:  A. Brief 15-20 minute estimate

                    B. Collect information and qualify interest level

                    C. Put in category and create follow up campaign


Prospect:  All large employers with more then 100 employees.

Minus restaurants, government agencies

Geography:  Zip codes  11111

Size: 100 or more

Industry: All minus restaurants

Contact Person: facility manager, office manager, director facilities, general manager

Services offered: Carpet steam, carpet encap, VCT, restroom steam, janitorial, disinfecting

Packages:  2x year, 4x and 6x and daily janitorial

For 1x service requests, an additional spot cleaning in 6 months will be included to create 2x year min service.

Value Proposition: will vary based on customer feedback and industry

examples sanitize for day care, safety for manufacturing, recurring coffee spills class A office space,

restroom sanitizing and steam cleaning . Removing scratches from breakroom floors, restore high shine to floors. Detail vacuuming

 Total Businesses: 247

Frequency: Telemarketing 4x year

Mail postcard 2x

Email campaign 4x  when available

  • Telemarketing
  • 988 total phone calls 
  • Shift of 4 hours/ average 10 calls hour
  • 25 days 
  • Costs: Telemarketing 25 days x 4 hours day= 100 labor hours
  • 100 hours x $15 hour = $1500

Postcards- 494 x .70 cents each = $345

Email- set up time 2 hours at $15 hour= $30

Total campaign cost = $1,875

  • ROI Goal– 1:10 over a year
  • $20k revenue
  • Average $1400 year per customer
  • 14 Programs sold
  • At 75% closing rate need around 20 appointments set

Better ROI By Combining Multiple Marketing Tactics

Research by Mckinsey in March 20222 shows by combining 2 marketing tactics market share increases from 46% to 51% and then up to 60% when 4 are used.

add direct mail with telemarketing janitorial services

Why Use Brochures and Flyers

The following figures show how much of an audience will remember after 3 hours, three days and three months, when using verbal communication only, with verbal and visual communication and backing up the latter with notes.


 40% remembered after 3 hours

15 % remembered after 3 days

0-5% remembered after three months

Verbal & Visual

60% remembered after 3 days

40% remembered after 3 months

Verbal, Visual & Text

 80% remembered after 3 days

60% remembered after 3 months

combine direct mail with phone sales commercial cleaning

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