Overcoming Objections When Selling Cleaning Services

What are the most common customer objections for commercial cleaning services?

Closing is often the thing that owners of commercial cleaning and janitorial services find the most difficult.  Yet, all closing means is asking for the sale.

Ask yourself the question – What have I lost if they say no?  (Am I any worse off than I was before?)

The answer, of course, is that even if they say no, you are no worse off, you may even be on the trail of their real objections and so heading for a sale.

If they say yes, then you have gained a lot!

Today we are going to explore some of the most common situations cleaning services find themselves in when trying to sell a new account.

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Overcoming Objections When Selling Your Cleaning Service

3 Types of Sales Closes

Direct Close

Ask for the sale

Alternative Close

Offer alternatives e.g.:

“Which would you prefer, to schedule on a weekday or a weekend?”

Summary Close

Summarize the conversation, features and benefits objections and answers etc. then proceed to ask for the sale

This may sound harsh but is a common problem with newer salespeople in general, we always want to add something. When we ask a closing question, give the prospect an opportunity to think about it in dead silence.

The basic principles of closing are:


and then


Wait and listen for their answer. Give them time to respond


overcoming sales objections janitorial services

How Do You Feel About Sales Objections

Objections are Welcome!! They

  • Demonstrate the buyer’s interest
  • Bring the buyer’s thoughts and feelings out into the open where you can deal with them
  • Provide you with feedback by showing what the buyer thought you said
  • Give you an opportunity to provide additional service or guidance

Why Do Objections Occur?

  • The customer has doubts
  • We haven’t answered all their questions
  • We haven’t discovered needs, motives, limitations etc
  • Customer doesn’t like making decisions
  • Customer needs reassurance

Types of Objections

  • Open – g., “It’s too expensive”
  • Implied – g., “XYZ company has green detergents”
  • Hidden – g., “I would like to give your offer some serious consideration” or “I will need to get back to you….”

Objections can also be:

  • Rational
  • Irrational
  • Excuses (where the buyer is trying to avoid making a decision)
What are common price objections commercial cleaning services

A Process for Handling Price Objections| Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning services

Leading to a Test or a Close

  1. Keep calm!

Yes, it’s difficult. However, if the customer is raising an objection they are also giving you the chance to answer it. Every objection is an opportunity.

  1. Listen

Listen to what they are saying and how they are saying it

  1. Acknowledge the objection

Thank them for it and show that you are taking it seriously

  1. Categorize

Think about it. What type of objection is it and what is the real objection here?

  1. Clarify (and ask for all objections)

Find out what the customer finds difficult. Ask them if they have any other objections.

  1. Confirm what you have heard (re-phrase)

Use this to clarify what you understand and show the customer that you have listened

  1. Respond & resolve the issue

Answer the objection to the customer’s satisfaction.

If you can’t then acknowledge the fact and move on to other areas.

  1. Ask for commitment

Ask for the sale or order

Get organized with a long term plan

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