Selling Cleaning Contracts Balancing Personal and Business

Close More Commercial Cleaning Estimates Balancing Personal & Business

Today we are going to talk about selling commercial cleaning accounts by balancing personal and business interactions with prospects.

A simple way to think about this concept is bouncing back and forth from asking business related questions to personal stories or experiences. 

This concept can be used in any format, for example this video is a business format, just a quick straight forward explanation but Shane has videos also where he will talk about topics more practically and share personal experiences.

at first you might think this is something that only is used during the walk through or estimate process but can be used in email, phone, face to face, social media and any other way we communicate with clients, prospects and leads. 

During The Walk Through or Estimate

We often can become stuck in the mindset of selling our services but people also buy from people.

The Personal – Business Interaction Model demonstrates that personal interactions you have with customers are as, if not more important as the quality of the core service or product itself.

By entering and exiting all customer interactions through the personal level, you can help customers feel cared about and well treated. With normal customer interactions, it is important to enter the conversation at a personal level before doing business, this is the verbal handshake.

Then, during the conversation, do not be afraid to bring something into the conversation that’s not about the business at hand.

When the business is complete, exit through the personal level. When you experience situations where the customer exhibits strong feelings, this is the ideal time to move back to the personal level.

selling commercial cleaning contracts balancing personal and business

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