How Cleaning Services Can Create Messages

How to Promote a Cleaning Service in 4 Steps

Today we are going to talk about how cleaning services can create messages.

There is four parts to creating a marketing message. The first part is the main company message, here we communicate our core value and repeat it over and over again in every ad, email and conversation.

Simple way to think of it is like a wheel. Main company message is in the center and then we can rotate the three sub messages. The three sub messages are split into services, platforms and client segments.

Step 1 - Company Message

The first step is creating a main company message. The Main Company Message is applied to everyone all the time.

Generally, it’s a simple concept people can remember easily. We repeat this in every message, ad, email, conversation, over and over again. Also, can be attached to your name or brand somehow.

Fast Service, lowest prices, largest, premium, exclusive, training, best employees, nicest, etc.  This is your core value.   

After creating our main ad or message, we then can rotate different ones.

Sample cleaning service message, main company values

Step 2 Client Groups or Segments

What this means is creating messages with a specific client in mind. Maybe you can talk about a specific pain point they encounter or common problems in their industry.

*** Note this doesn’t have to be explicit, meaning you don’t have to even mention the group. The idea is by talking about the topic in general you attract that group of prospects. 

First one is client segments or prospect groups. Some examples would be Property Managers, Restaurants, Offices, Industrial prospects.

Another layer can be by employee size or business size. Geography can also be a way to create messages by letting prospects know you are locally owned.

commercial cleaning message example, client segment

Step 3 Services

Next category of messages can be talking about the details of your services.

Even better would be pointing out pain points your services can solve. Some examples can be janitorial service, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, restroom cleaning and floor care.

There is lots of ways to approach this and we would recommend using all of them.

Showcasing reviews about a specific service, listing what a client gets, service steps, follow up service, videos, etc.

cleaning service messages examples, services list

Step 4 Platforms and Tactics

The final part of the message wheel is taking into account the platform or tactic being used to deliver the message. Nowadays in digital marketing, each of the platforms have different amounts of text that can used.

Some only allow 150 letters or less. That is a big difference from a sales letter or website page where we have unlimited amount of space for text and pictures.

This can completely change what we say.

sample cleaning service message, using platforms and tactics

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