Should Cleaning Services Add Chatbot To Websites?

6 Questions To Consider Before Using Chatbot For Your Cleaning Service

Today we are exploring a question that a lot of commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning and janitorial services are considering. Should we add a chatbot or chat box to our website. 

In this presentation we go over 6 questions to consider before, during and after installing a chat tool on your website. 

What is critical for any digital marketing tool is testing and then optimizing the tool to make it work for your specific situation, prospect targets, local demographics and goals. 

Some tools work great but not fit into your brand and how you identify with clients, what your specific cleaning service is about and want to be known for.

Chatbots or chat boxes are a perfect example. 

We will go over 6 critical questions:

  1. What pages do people use it on
  2. Do chat boxes impact the time spent on a webpage
  3. What is the impact on sales, leads
  4. Should you use live people or AI (robots)
  5. Is chat in harmony with your brand
  6. How to personalize chat

1. What Web Pages Do People Use Chat On?

While visiting this website, you will notice the chat feature is active on some pages but not all. This decision was made based off of facts we gathered testing. 

Out of the hundreds of pages on this website, visitors only used the chat tool on certain pages, not all pages equally. 

In some cases it actually hurt some metrics.

2. Is It Annoying or Interfering?

This was a big variable I found, did it add to the experience, be helpful or get in the way.

On some pages the amount of time visitors spent actually went down, I can only speculate they wanted to focus on the content and me popping up asking questions was annoying and interfering. 

This is a big deal in the digital world, seo space. We want leads, prospects and clients to experience our information. The longer the better, generally speaking but not always. 

On other web pages though, people prefer the chat tool and use it all day, everyday. They really do have quick questions.

3. What Is The Impact On Sales & Qualified Leads?

This is the big question we really care about when deciding to invest in a marketing tool , how will it impact our new account sales or add more qualified leads.

By testing we can see if estimates are coming from those specific pages. 

One thing that is difficult to know is what, if any changes chat can have on how a prospect feels about us or views us. I personally think it can make your cleaning business look more polished and professional, this is really important later on down the road. 


4. Should Cleaning Services Use Live Person or AI?

The 4th question is should we answer the questions client’s have with live customer service reps or use AI, robots. They each have pros and cons to them, mainly practical, do you have the staff currently to answer live questions and if so during what hours/days. 

I think this can be somewhat answered by looking at the volume and type of questions asked. 


5. Is Chat In Harmony With Your Brand?

In marketing there is a fancy word used congruence and what that means is if this tactic is in harmony with who you are, what you are trying to do. 

Sometimes its just a tool and doesn’t really matter.

An example would be if a cleaning service promoted personal service, high quality service. It would be difficult to say we offer personalized service, then turn around and use robots to communicate with clients. 

In this example using robots wouldn’t be in harmony with the overall message.

6. How To Personalize

During the testing process one thing I did was remove the stock photo and instead use my picture and my name. I also answer the questions myself. 

This is also another way to make your widget better and used more. Ultimately our goal is to communicate with clients, leads and prospects more.

We want to learn what is important to them and how we can help. 

We don’t want to just look at how many website visitors use the chat bot but also follow it through the sales cycle to see if more qualified leads and sales are made. 

In my case the number of people using it didn’t go up by a huge number, but by personalizing, the number of contacts that lead to actual clients increased by a lot.