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Spiraling to Success: How Strategic Coaching Can Elevate Your Vision

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Get Coaching From a 25 year Veteran Business Owner With Any Marketing Package

When you choose our digital marketing services for your cleaning business, you’re not just getting expert strategies to elevate your online presence—you’re also gaining an invaluable value-added service: comprehensive coaching. This integrated coaching is designed to ensure that you not only understand the digital marketing strategies being applied but also know how to sustain and build upon them independently.

Our tailored coaching sessions go deep into the nuances of running a successful cleaning service in today’s digital age backed by 25 years experience. From crafting detailed business plans and developing effective pricing strategies to mastering the art of sales and customer service, we equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary for growth. Each coaching session by phone or zoom is structured to complement our digital marketing efforts, ensuring that every tactic aligns perfectly with your business goals and market demands.

This holistic approach ensures that while we work to enhance your digital footprint, you gain the expertise to manage and grow your business effectively, making our digital marketing service a dual investment in both your present success and future potential.

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Success comes with coaching included

​Business Plan Coaching for Cleaning Services

Our  approach includes providing initial overviews of each section followed by access to detailed resources, allowing you to explore each topic in depth at your own pace.

Essie Powell
Essie Powell
American Maids
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Great experience with Method Clean's digital marketing services! Their innovative strategies and personal touch have greatly enhanced our online presence, bringing measurable improvements in traffic and customer engagement. Shane is highly knowledgeable, always available, and truly dedicated to our success.
Teona Monique
Teona Monique
Luxe Cleaning
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Love this website!! Great at starting cleaning businesses!! Please don’t stop
Elizabeth Anthony
Elizabeth Anthony
Perfectly Maid
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I am a small business owner in Richmond, Virginia, growing quite rapidly. Understanding how to bid accurately on a commercial property for me is incredibly daunting. These folks came along, walked beside me, encouraged me, helped me and thanked me all in the same day.

Employee Training & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Employee management

Our coaching will guide you in effectively structuring your employee training and developing comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your cleaning business:

Marketing plan

Key Components of Our Marketing Plan Coaching:

By the end of our sessions, you’ll be equipped to implement a marketing plan that effectively targets your market, integrates local dynamics, and distinguishes you from the competition. Our coaching aims to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed for marketing success in the cleaning industry.

  1. Executive Summary: Understand your core offerings and craft a unique value proposition for your target market.
  2. Market Analysis: Analyze demographic and economic factors to align your services with community needs.
  3. Competitive Analysis: Identify differentiators and focus on quality and innovation to stand out from competitors.
  4. Marketing Strategies and Tactics: Set strategic goals to increase brand visibility and customer engagement through digital and local advertising.
  5. Sales Strategies: Enhance customer acquisition and retention with streamlined online booking and compelling promotions.
  6. Financial Planning: Develop a budget plan and pricing strategy that supports sustainable growth.
  7. Brand Monitoring and Evaluation: Implement metrics to track success and refine strategies based on performance data.
  8. Demographic Research: Utilize local insights, such as household income and education levels, to tailor marketing efforts effectively.

Sales Skills and Qualities for Success in Cleaning Services

In our coaching sessions, we focus on enhancing the key sales skills and qualities that are essential for success in the cleaning services industry. We help you develop a comprehensive skill set that covers organization, goal setting, client interaction, and more, ensuring you are equipped to excel in this competitive field.


Essential Sales Skills and Qualities:

Organizational Skills: 

Strategic Planning: 

Client Understanding: 

Communication Skills: 

Presentation and Negotiation: 


Crafting a Winning Cleaning Proposal: Leveraging the Pyramid Principle

Effective Proposals

In our coaching, we teach you how to craft an effective cleaning service proposal using the Pyramid Principle.  This strategy enhances your proposal’s impact, helping you secure more contracts by effectively communicating your credibility and reliability.


Pricing Strategy & Calculators

Pricing Strategy Coaching for Cleaning Services

In our coaching session, we focus on developing a robust pricing strategy tailored to the unique aspects of your cleaning business, ensuring you balance costs and maximize gross profit. Here’s how we approach this critical aspect:

  1. Understand Your Fixed Costs: Identify constant expenses like rent and salaries. These are foundational for setting the base price of your services.
  2. Factor in Variable Costs: Include costs that vary with service volume, such as labor and supplies, to determine minimum profitable pricing.
  3. Calculate Gross Profit Per Job: Deduct job costs from your job price to ascertain gross profit, ensuring each job contributes positively to overall profitability.
  4. Leverage Fixed Costs for Growth: Increase job numbers without proportionally increasing fixed costs to improve profit margins.
  5. Pricing Strategy Adjustments: Regularly refine your pricing based on operational data and market feedback to remain competitive and profitable.
  6. Emphasize Efficiency and Value: Boost operational efficiency and upsell services to increase average revenue per job without significantly raising costs.