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Commercial Cleaning Leads

Does Your Commercial Cleaning Service Need Targeted Leads?

  1. Phone Lists 
  2. Business Email
  3. Direct Mail
  4. Door To Door Sales 



Why Commercial Cleaning Services Need Leads List

Create specific messages to specific commercial cleaning leads. Including for janitorial services, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, commercial tile cleaning, disinfecting and VCT floor care services.

Create specific value propositions to very specific leads. Every business owner or manager may find different messages important, the 100 employee software company may have different needs then a restaurant.  5 employee dentist office may be motivated differently then a 100 employee medical group.

By targeting your commercial cleaning leads list from the beginning you can market to each group differently. Not only by what message you create but also by HOW you reach them. 

  • Industry
  • Employee size
  • Sales Volume
  • Geographic Area
  • Towns and County
  • Square Feet estimate of the building
  • Radius from your home or office
  • Contact Person
  • Business Email
janitorial leads- facility manager

How Do I Get Started?

By creating a customer profile, in most markets 10’s of thousands if not 100k local businesses are available but it’s not practical to try selling to all of them.

Instead start with a list of 1000 premium leads, the ones with the biggest potential payoff. This can be revenue, profit, service niche or local to your shop or home.

It’s more effective to market to 1000 businesses 10 x than 10,000 businesses 1 x.

For proof just look at your own buying habits, most of your  medium to large purchases you have experienced the brand many, many times over the years before you bought.


Customer profile worksheet

What Type of Local Businesses Can You Target?

  1. Commercial Property Managers
  2. Schools
  3. Daycares
  4. Apartments
  5. Restaurants
  6. Medical Buildings
  7. Clinics
  8. Professional Offices
  9. Doctors & Dentists
  10. Industrial including manufacturing & distribution
  11. Retail
  12. Referral Sources
  13. Government buildings
  14. Gyms
  15. Airports
  16. Large/Medium/Small businesses
  17. Condos
  18. Associations

AND Hundreds of other categories you probably never thought about

This is Called Key Account Marketing

What is Key Account Marketing? This is a shift from just getting commercial cleaning leads randomly to building long term relationships with people at specific businesses and specific industries or what we like to call our KEY ACCOUNTS.

What are some examples of Key Accounts? referral sources, large accounts $$ (large is relative, some people think $10k is large and others $1 million, the concept is the same), specific industry, cleaning accounts with the biggest profit margins, accounts with the biggest upsell or cross selling potential. Accounts with the biggest growth potential long term.

The strategy is to shift our resources to the biggest payoff and not market to every business equally. Some businesses will spend $1200 year, while others might spend $50k. We want our marketing plan to reflect that.

Key account marketing has become important for many commercial cleaning services. The Pareto Principle is driven by the 80/20 rule – 80% of current or potential revenues come from 20% of customers – many cleaners have come to realize that these customers must be treated differently from the average customer. Of course, it is one thing to know this information, it is another to figure out exactly what to do.


Target market worksheet

Create New Lead Opportunities For Your Commercial Cleaning Service

Creating Opportunities

The first step is creating opportunities, here are 3 strategies we can use.

Service- in this example we used encapsulation or low moisture commercial carpet cleaning as our blue ocean. Now I understand lots of cleaners use encapsulation but you can take it to a whole different level and build a separate division focused on just this service.

If you provide janitorial services also your blue ocean could be using this service to get your foot in the door with accounts and then introduce daily cleaning. This way you look like a hero first and solved a major problem for the prospect. 

The point is Blue Ocean does not have to be unique but maybe just how you are positioning a service or using it in your marketing plan.

How you sell the service, in this example we used door to door sales and email marketing.

What marketing tactic you use to reach prospects and generate leads

Make the Competition Irrelevant

How you sell a service can also be a strategy. Think about it, how many competitors are using Thumbtack locally? I bet 50-100 easily in a small to medium population. 

Contrast that with how many cleaning services are using door to door sales or email marketing effectively on a regular basis? 1-2 at most in the average area. Several might try it out here and there but only a couple will be using this strategy daily to get leads.

Do you want to compete with 100 businesses or 2?

Capture New Demand

How many of your prospects are on LinkedIn right now? This is where professionals go to polish their resume and keep their eye open for future job opportunities. For commercial cleaning our contact person is usually an office manager, facility manager, general manager, etc.

Using a digital platform can be another blue ocean or how you use it can also be.


New Account Growth Package