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Commercial Cleaning Leads

Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout, Floor Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial services can create a targeted list of local businesses leads. You can set phone appts, door to door sales routes and much more.

Advertising Solutions

We provide tools to run targeted advertising campaigns based on the prospects, geographic area and services you want to focus on. Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin and Email Marketing.

carpet cleaning postcards

Marketing Material

Included is an initial library of Brochures, Proposal templates, sales letters, full color sell sheets, postcards, E-newsletters, Print newsletters, estimate forms.

About Method Clean Commercial Solution Center

Wouldn’t it be great to tie in ALL your sales and marketing tools, training manuals and software from one place.

Method Clean Commercial Solution Center is a platform for cleaning contractors that want to increase their share of the commercial market. Most software, marketing and sales tools today are designed for the retail and residential market.

We provide a set of tools for cleaners that want to grow in specialty cleaning services for the commercial office building, industrial and retail market. With experience you will be able to target buildings in size from a 500 square feet medical office to 100k + square foot Class A office space.

What businesses can use this tool?  Commercial cleaning, janitorial services, office cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, restroom sanitation, tile and grout cleaning. This platform is designed to help cleaners follow a dedicated system to increase business to business sales.

Leads– Start with a targeted leads list of 500 local businesses that fit your specific business plan. We can help segment your initial group of prospects by industry (medical, churches, large employers), size (small/medium/large businesses), geographic area down to a tenth of a mile, specific towns and even give a rough estimate of building size.

Advertising– In today’s digital world its critical to use multiple marketing channels. Prospects are receiving information from many sources, so we need to be diverse and reach them wherever they are. Some opportunities available are with Facebook, Adwords, Email marketing, Linkedin, Instagram.

Marketing Material– The print world is alive and well, which means we need sharp looking marketing material. You can customize our list of brochures, sell sheets, postcards, sales letters, phone scripts and much more.

Proposals– Customize our proposal template for a simple 1 page commercial carpet cleaning estimate or a full 10 page janitorial proposal.

Landing Pages– Take full advantage of all the current digital advertising ideas today with 40 different landing page templates. Commercial Templates have all the content filled in and ready to use by simply adding your logo and contact information with our simple editor wizard.

Email Marketing– With the explosion of the smart phone email is as important as ever to stay in touch with commercial prospects. Most facility managers, small business owners and GM’s have email connected with their phone which pings when receiving a message. We have over 40 email templates to choose, from beautiful full color designs to simple text based messages and even video!

Content Marketing– One of the challenges when connecting with people is “What do I say?”. Content is the best way to stay in touch with people without being too aggressive but still keeping Top of Mind. Included are landing pages, flyers, email templates and newsletters to inform your leads, prospects and customers.

Create automated routines that send out E-newsletters, pre-appointment instructions, special offers for employees, customer surveys, THANK YOU’s and whatever else you want to create.

Follow up – Set up a sales funnel, track estimates from inspection, estimate and any follow up steps that lead to the closed sale.Landing pages and website contact forms that drop information right into our CRM and sets in action an automated follow up system.