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Sample Carpet Cleaning Flyer/Brochure For Restaurant Marketing

Sample flyer/brochure for commercial carpet & tile cleaning, marketing to restaurants. This is a quick video on creating flyers/brochures for marketing to restaurants. Now the first thing i want to say is we are not content gurus, we do produce some marketing materials but we are not saying use this and make million$$. This is a starting point, this is a concept, an idea to build off and customize yourself. Plenty of talented writers and graphic designers on the internet to help with your design projects.

We decided to focus on restaurants, when targeting a specific group, industry one way to get more out of your marketing budget is be specific. In most cases if you can be specific, exclusive to an industry then a campaign can see a lift of 10-20% in leads and sales closes. By specializing in something its easy to squeeze a couple more leads and close a couple more jobs, which really adds up over 3 years if you think about it and is a great investment because the cost is so small.

We started with a headline posed as question “Getting the most out of your cleaning program?”. Build a custom deep cleaning package on an automatic routine. The goal here is to plant the seed of setting up programs, setting up routines of bi-annual, quarterly, monthly. Some carpet cleaners even end up with weekly and bi-monthly programs which is great for cash flow. Restaurants are very dirty.

On left we focused on listing our services, carpet, tile cleaning and upholstery. A lot of different directions you can go in, lets say you dont like upholstery you could always include a bubble on protection or restroom sanitation. Its really unlimited the different directions to go in.

The point of this flyer is to educate prospects on different services you provide and B. plant the seed of how great it would be to set up a program on autopilot and solve all their problems.

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