How to Get Cleaning Jobs from Property Management Companies

Strategies to Secure Cleaning Contracts with Property Management Companies: Creating Effective Customer Profiles

Securing commercial cleaning contracts with property management companies can provide a steady and lucrative revenue stream for your cleaning business. Whether it’s general commercial cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, or janitorial services, understanding how to effectively attract and engage property managers is crucial. This detailed guide outlines the steps necessary to position your cleaning services as the ideal choice for property management companies.


Step 1: Target the Right Prospects

Begin by identifying potential clients. While your options might include restaurant managers or medical office managers, focusing on property management companies that handle commercial and multi-tenant properties can be particularly profitable. These companies often require comprehensive cleaning services on a regular basis, ensuring a consistent demand for your services.

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Step 2: Develop a Comprehensive Customer Profile

Understanding your target audience deeply influences your marketing and operational strategies. Consider creating a detailed profile for property managers specializing in commercial properties:

  • Age: Typically between 35-55 years.
  • Education Level: Often holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Income Bracket: Usually ranges from $50K to $100K annually.
  • Professional Associations: Many are members of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) or local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Preferred Communication Channels: Predominantly professional platforms like LinkedIn, rather than more casual social media platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.

This customer profile aids in tailoring your marketing messages and methods, ensuring they resonate with the preferences and expectations of property managers.


Step 3: Utilize Effective Communication Channels

Based on the customer profile, prioritize communication through channels favored by property managers. For instance:

  • LinkedIn: Perfect for connecting professionally and sharing content that highlights your expertise in commercial cleaning.
  • Direct Mail: Often appreciated by the older demographic, offering a personal touch that emails sometimes lack.
  • Professional Networking Events: Participating in BOMA meetings or local Chamber of Commerce events can significantly increase your face-to-face engagement with potential clients.


Step 4: Highlight Their Primary Needs and Desires

Property managers primarily seek to maintain or enhance property value, ensure tenant satisfaction, and operate within budget constraints. They need cleaning services that are reliable, offer competitive pricing, and communicate transparently. In your marketing and sales pitches, emphasize how your services cater to these needs:

  • Reliability: Stress the consistency and dependability of your service.
  • Competitive Pricing: Highlight your fair, market-aligned pricing structures.
  • Effective Communication: Demonstrate your commitment to transparency and regular updates.

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Chart displaying various outreach strategies for securing cleaning contracts with property management companies.

Step 5: Address Common Pain Points

Understand and speak directly to the fears and challenges property managers face, such as:

  • Unreliable Service Providers: Emphasize your track record of punctuality and dependability.
  • Unpredictable Pricing: Offer clear, upfront pricing to avoid surprises.
  • Poor Tenant Feedback: Showcase testimonials and case studies that demonstrate the satisfaction of previous clients and tenants.


Step 6: Identify Types of Properties and Tailor Services Accordingly

Different types of commercial properties have varying needs, influencing the scope of cleaning services required:

  • Apartment Complexes: Often have a high turnover, requiring frequent deep cleans.
  • Class A Office Spaces: These premium spaces demand high-quality, comprehensive cleaning services to match their upscale nature.
  • Retail Strip Malls and Office Parks: Typically need both regular and move-out cleaning services.


Step 7: Crafting Your Sales Pitch

When approaching potential clients, prepare a concise yet compelling pitch that communicates the key benefits of your services. This pitch should be adaptable, depending on the specific needs and type of property managed by the prospective client.

Step 8: Marketing and Promotions

Leverage various marketing strategies to enhance your visibility:

  • Online Marketing: Use SEO strategies to improve your visibility on search engines. Regularly update your website with relevant content that includes keywords like “commercial cleaning services” or “professional janitorial services.”
  • Social Media Campaigns: Engage with potential clients on platforms like LinkedIn through posts that highlight your expertise and successful case studies.



By understanding the specific requirements and communication preferences of property managers, and tailoring your approach to meet these needs, your cleaning business can significantly increase its chances of securing profitable contracts. Highlight your reliability, professionalism, and ability to meet their needs consistently to stand out in the competitive market of commercial cleaning.

This strategic approach not only enhances your visibility among property managers but also positions your business as the go-to solution for their cleaning needs, potentially leading to long-term contracts and referrals.