How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts Property Managers

How To Get Commercial Cleaning Contracts With Property Managers

This is a quick presentation on how to get commercial cleaning contracts. In this blog we are going to focus on property managers. Now this can apply to commercial cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and janitorial contracts.

The first step is defining a prospect to target, we started with 3 options. Property Manager, Restaurant manager and Office manager for a medical building. Then decided to go with the commercial landlord, this video is specifically geared towards commercial properties, multi-tenant properties that cater to businesses.

What we are going to do in this exercise is create a customer profile. We will be asking questions about the personal demographic of this type of job, how will we reach them, what are their desires/goals and most importantly, what are their fears and pain points.

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Creating Personal Profile

In the second section we create a customer profile on a personal level, who is the demographic for this type of job in your specific area.

  • Age 35-55
  • Education Level- Bachelor degree or higher
  • Gender- Male
  • Associations-  BOMA or chamber of commerce
  • Income level- $50k – $100k
  • Social Media- Linkedin

The next question is why do we need to know this? The purpose is to help figure out what messages to use, what platforms to be on, what are their goals, pain points.

Using this as an example I wouldn’t spend too much time on snapchat or Instagram for this specific demographic. Linkedin would be a much better fit but for a different group, say restaurant managers I might change my mind.

How Will You Reach This Prospect?

Based on the information we have collected, now we can start to work on how to reach this specific prospect. In general, older equals more direct mail over social media or heavy technology.

Higher education level we would want to reflect that in our copy writing, grammar, punctuation.

If we decide to join a networking group we want to join one they are most active in, BOMA or Chamber of Commerce.

Income Level, when deciding how to dress income level is something to think about. If the demographic is $50k plus than business casual or business suit might be expected. With lower incomes a polo shirt and khakis would be fine.

*** Note incomes are a local issue and relative to your specific market, $50k in Manhattan is completely different from Toledo.

Sample property manager email template

What Does This Prospect Want or Desire?

Here is where we make two lists, one for personal reasons and one for business reasons. On the personal reason side, some of the desires might be: Happy tenants, get a promotion, have a building to be proud of.

On the business side or what do they want from us: on time service, competitive prices, keep our word.

What Are Their Fears?

Finally, we get to what does this prospect fear, on the personal side and business side. On the personal side we have getting fired, looking bad in front of the boss, angry tenants.

On the business side we have cleaners who don’t answer phone calls, late to appointments, sloppy looking technicians, inconsistent work, unpredictable pricing (remember above we mentioned the budget and their bonus).

Targeting Commercial Property Managers- Which One?

We see the term used all the time but newer people to the commercial market dont realize there is several different kinds. They all have different needs, different value propositions.

Apartment Complexes- price competitive

Non-Profit- usually for disabled, juvenile, senior can be 1 building or independent homes/apartments

Military- dont have any experience

Class A office space- full service meaning the tenant pays one price and PM provides everything usually multi-story types with the highest quality materials like real wood, stone, etc.

Class A office space- cleaning not included, usually 1 story types but not always

Class B- same as A but use cheaper materials and provide less service

Misc Landlords- just like carpet cleaners, tons and tons of landlords that own 1 or 2 properties

Office Parks- lots of distributors, manufacturing, medical but can be anything.Usually they have a theme and tenant handles all cleaning but not always.Can contact tenant AND PM for move outs

Retail strip malls- mainly for move outs from PM. Rare the PM includes cleaning for tenant

Malls– very little experience, once in a while a store will call.

Nursing Homes/senior living– usually in house cleaning but many contract out carpet. 

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