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Commercial Cleaning Brochure, Targeting Doctors and Dentists

This blog is about using a commercial cleaning sales flyer or brochure when selling commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial, tile cleaning services. This theme is geared towards the medical field of doctors and dentists.

I like to use sales aids when selling commercial cleaning services, the more specific the better in my opinion. Now there is a couple different ways to approach a sales aid, we can go with different services, industry specific theme or customer testimonials. Plus whatever else your creative mind can come up with!

This specific brochure or sales flyer is geared towards the medical field that can cover doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and nursing homes, plus any number of niche services.

We first started with the picture of a common problem, the condition of a waiting room. For a doctor’s office this is the first impression a patient has and can plant the seed for the whole experience. In my opinion a great place to focus our initial marketing.

Afraid of looking at the condition of your waiting room? With a picture of the child covering his eyes adds a little humor, we hope.
On the right sidebar is a couple paragraphs where we are looking for some hot buttons or common challenges a medical office may face.

We start with the problem
Eliminate unsightly carpet stains, remove odors and sanitize your carpets & furniture.

Then point out we are specialists
We specialize in carpet, tile and furniture cleaning for medical facilities in the TOWN area.

Followed by the solution
We’d be happy to give you a quick inspection and demo on how we can freshen up your office this year.

The point is to segment leads, prospects and provide specific solutions to their specific problems. This specific brochure will not make you millions I guarantee but it’s the thought process that is important here.

Create a target of leads and provide specific, exclusive if possible solutions.
Another great idea here would be adding a testimonial from a similar customer.

Leads List of Local Doctors →

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