Marketing A Tile Cleaning Business

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Marketing A Tile Cleaning Business

This is a quick blog on marketing a tile cleaning business to local commercial accounts using an email template. This specific theme or value proposition is focused on restrooms, I know fun wow! Two things about commercial restrooms, one most modern buildings have tile and grout in their restrooms. Two the biggest complaints year after year for commercial accounts is the condition of the restrooms or restroom supplies.

The goal here is not to provide daily or even weekly cleaning service but tile & grout steam cleaning, sealing and color seal. Most will probably be in the 2-4x year range but some high traffic buildings in retail or restaurants might be interested in monthly or bi-monthly. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door to cross sell commercial carpet cleaning jobs later on down the road or even put together packages of say carpets 2x year and tile 2x year.

Marketing Tile Cleaning Email Template

We started this email template with a headline “How can we keep our restrooms cleaner”. Seeing we are marketing tile cleaning specifically we included the picture of a typical commercial restroom with very nice looking white grout. A clear sign of cleanliness! The first paragraph starts off identifying the problem, #1 complaint in commercial buildings is the condition of the restroom. We then followed with some technical information on the most popular tile flooring and type of grout.

After identifying the problem we then offer our solution. Being specific and exclusive usually will get better results so we make sure to point out that we specialize in restoring or steam cleaning restrooms. Never want prospects to feel like this is a “me too” service but that you are an expert that can charge at least slightly more. Sealing or adding a protective barrier to prevent future staining is another great point to make although in some industry’s sealing is waste of money. For example if the customer uses bleach to clean the restrooms.

The final sentence is to magnify and plant the seed of setting up a routine or recurring service every quarter, bi-annual, etc. This is critical to success in commercial tile and grout cleaning, the whole benefit of commercial is making one sale that continues to provide revenue several times a year over many years. It really can add up and help keep your fixed marketing cost down.


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